LiveTree’s Reverse ICO to Empower Fans and Filmmakers of Hollywood’s half Trillion Dollar Industry

Creative capital funding platform LiveTree has had a successful run with the film, television and content business in the UK, capturing 5% of the domestic entertainment crowdfunding market over the past two years.

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In this period, it has created strong partnerships with high-profile actors in the industry, including the likes of the British Film Institute, Red Rock Entertainment and the Screen Arts Institute, while building relationships with some 14,000 industry suppliers across the globe.


LiveTree ADEPT

With the experience and know-how accumulated from its successful dealings, the next step of expansion sees the existing business migrating to a new, Advanced Decentralized Platform for Transparent distribution (ADEPT), the next-generation platform of a proven business model. LiveTree ADEPT will be the world’s first film, television and content network powered by the community.

The platform will reimagine the way content is created, funded and distributed, with new content reaching audiences via Blossom, featuring a democratic distribution model that will change the way people share and consume content.

It will go beyond traditional crowdfunding, leveraging on blockchain innovations to bring about lower fees and lower-cost contracts, while introducing the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) distribution platform.

Benefitting from the sophistication and flexibility of Ethereum’s blockchain technology, the revolutionary platform aims to capture further market share through a token incentivized model of film and TV distribution powered by the fandom.

LiveTree ADEPT’s goal is to disrupt the $500 billion entertainment industry through the empowerment of fans and filmmakers, offering key features such as:

Digital Rights Management: The blockchain will now manage ownership and sharing of video intellectual property. This opens a new world where anyone, anywhere can decide which content to watch and own, while earning a share of the profits generated from distribution monetization, such as subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising. ADEPT will introduce a new digital channel called Blossom TV, which will deliver for this fan-powered content.

Legal contracts. TV and film content have notoriously high, unavoidable costs associated with producing, financing and distribution. By replacing these with blockchain-based smart contracts, ADEPT can significantly lower costs while inculcating fan community gamification.

Digital Token: An ERC20-compliant token built upon the Ethereum blockchain, the LiveTree Seed digital token will be the new asset fronting subscription fees, legal fees and funding costs. Through the gamification of production processes, fans can share, participate and promote the content they watch to generate tokens, thereby encouraging community growth.


The LiveTree ADEPT token sale

Built on Ethereum blockchain technology, the new platform captures market share through a token incentivized fan-community for film and TV distribution. The token pre-sale of 25 million Seed Tokens (SED) kicked off December 1st, with aims to raise up to $50 million for the development of ADEPT. Participants of the pre-sale now stand to gain a 50% bonus to Seed purchases. Big backers of 7 ETH or more are also automatically entered into a 200,000 SED prize lottery.

The team behind this idea has outlined their development objectives over the span of a five-year roadmap. To complement its community approach, LiveTree will look to licence films specifically for ADEPT through the LiveTree Incubators fund, which is projected to further boost the value of Seed.

Based out of key entertainment hubs of London, Los Angeles and New York City, these Incubators plan to produce LiveTree Blossom TV “Originals”, which will operate on a pay-per-view model that enables fans to pre-purchase films and TV shows they want to be made. This will expect to generate even more value for the token while building mainstream adoption of Blossom TV, to advance to a subscription-based pay-per-view advertising model.
To read more about LiveTree ADEPT, visit the website or read the whitepaper.