Live Stars Changing the Webcam Game with Blockchain Anonymity

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to the webcam industry and problems such interest can cause?

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It’s probably security and safety of your data.

There is a lot of secrecy and privacy surrounding the webcam industry, but more than that, there are also concerns involving credit cards and the paper trail they can leave behind.

There is now however a new solution that does not only hits all these marks, but does it using the revolutionary power that is “Blockchain technology”.

The information that gets collected by webcam services includes not only credit card details, but also its users’ activities, their time and history on such sites, and personal preferences. But, with the use of Blockchain technology, all this can be done anonymously.

To use the service you have to purchase “LIVE” token which can only be purchased with the other cryptocurrency. There is also no need to worry about the data stored on the servers since the service is provided with peer-to-peer streaming connection technology.

Live Stars not only looks to make the webcam experience better, and more secure for users, it is also looking at improving the conditions for the Cam models. Money that comes in for the models is often unfairly distributed and taken by site owners and other players.

But who actually makes this business this entertaining?

The answer is pretty obvious. Of course it spins around the models, so shouldn’t they get at least 50% of the revenue? Live Stars promises to share over 70% of the earnings with the models, while its’ main competitors offer from 30% up to 50% of the revenue.

The platform also cuts down on all the red tape in between, such as payout delays. Users need only buy the tokens, spend them, and they reach the model as easily as that.

Live token sale

Live Stars raised almost $2m in less than a week, however the token sale is still live until Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Within the Live Star team there are five areas of expertise that are covered. This team will continue to grow as the first stages of development roll out; there are plans for a Beta-version by Spring of 2018.

You have probably heard about many projects, which could be done without the need to implement Blockchain technology.

Webcam industry on the other hand was waiting for the perks of being Blockchained for ages! Visitors are staying anonymous while models are saved from being deceived and that’s a win-win for both sides of the business. Furthermore, the platform gets totally automated and transparent.

Live Stars has already managed to navigate the ICO entrance with over $2 mln raised in a week, and as they continue one, it looks as if they will be able to follow up on their intentions as they already have a functioning Alpha site.

Scrolling through the site, looking for more information, one will already find a number of rooms up and ready to go, with at least one or two girls live and participating on the platform.

Even the chat boxes on the site and in the rooms are already accruing a burgeoning community of anonymous players.