Litecoin Payments Gain Traction Among Tourism-related Providers

One often heard complaint is how cryptocurrencies have limited use in the real world. Those who own Litecoin can book travel and accommodation courtesy of nearly two dozen service providers.

The usability of most crypto assets is virtually non-existent.

Litecoin is Very Useful for Traveling

Except for a few dozen coins, the others are speculative in nature at best.

Litecoin, often criticized for simply copying Bitcoin, has carved its own path to success in this regard.

It would appear that various accommodation and travel service providers accept Litecoin these days.

In fact, there are nearly two dozen service providers globally.

That is a very interesting development, which highlights Litecoin’s potential as  a payment method. 

Although not everyone wants to spend LTC for these purposes, it is a mainstream use case that can’t be overlooked.

Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin are designed to facilitate payments globally.

As such, its adoption rate among merchants needs to be high.

Although there is still lots of room for improvement, the current landscape doesn’t look half bad either.

As more people learn about use cases for crypto assets, the industry will thrive. 

Litecoin and Bitcoin are not all that different in this regard.

Both seem to serve very similar purposes, albeit they do so in different segments.