Lisk launch date is set to May the 24th

Finally, after much anticipation, and more than a month since the Initial Coin Offering ended, the Lisk Team revealed minutes ago that the official launch date of the Lisk’s platform will be on May the 24th. In the same announcement, Lisk CEO’s Max Kordek disclosed the reason why the launch of the main production network was postponed.

Lisk is a platform which aims to offer the possibility of creating Decentralized Applications or Dapps, programs that are set to disrupt the whole application market. They are based on the blockchain technology, which grants them the benefits of security of the data, zero downtime, and protection against censorship. According to the team members, with Lisk, you could develop Dapps with modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. A Dapp Store on the Blockchain is also under development.

Every decentralized application will run its own and unique blockchain -often called sidechain, according to the project founders, this encapsulation will keep the main Lisk network efficient, fast, and lean. The Dapp developer will have complete control over the sidechain, allowing him or her to fully customize it to his needs. The sidechain will run on a variation of a Proof-of-Stake algorithm, called Delegated-Proof-of-Stake, with a maximum of 101 master nodes.

The Lisk client seeks to provide a simple, easy to use, intuitive interface. Lisk will also support Multi-Signature groups, to provide maximum security for startups, companies, and individuals, with up to 16 configurable accounts.

According to today’s announcement, after the scheduled release date got published -along with a pre-launch roadmap someone stressed their network, making it collapse. Shortly after, a Lisk Team member published a temporary fix that put a the transaction maximum per block to 10. The problem got solved and the team realized that they needed to optimize Lisk before the launch of the network. The back-end was switched over, from SQlite to PostgresSQL, and several code tweaks were introduced to speed things up. The Lisk Team claims that the upgrades were successfully implemented and that it resulted in a faster, more responsive client. Further testing is needed, the GitHub repository has received more issues that will need to be fixed before the launch.

In order to make the community more comfortable the team claimed that they will be more open from now on, and to do that they will increase the efforts to keep in touch with the community by starting bi-weekly community meetings, and they will also share the internal roadmap until the release date.