Liberland Annual Conference Will Start Next Week

Digital currency enthusiasts all over the world will have heard about the Liberland project by now. This concept revolves around an unclaimed piece of land in the Baltic region, which has been declared independent from both Croatia and Serbia. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of this project, there will be an annual conference to celebrate this joyous occasion.

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Liberland Annual Conference 2016

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As the name suggests, the plan is to create a yearly recurring Liberland conference from now on. Although many people thought the concept of Liberland would fall flat sooner rather than later, the sheer passion and dedication by President Vit Jedlička and the rest of the Liberland staff go to show there is a lot more merit to this idea most people give it credit for.

The Liberland Annual Conference for 2016 will focus on the topic of turning the Balkan into a new economic powerhouse. A total of twelve notable authorities in libertarian politics, philosophy, economics, entrepreneurship, and architecture will contribute their thoughts and effort to make Liberland even better.

The Conference email states:

“Liberland wants to reduce state to the basics of security, justice and diplomacy. At the conference, you’ll learn how is that possible. Our speakers will show how technology could replace regular government functions with solutions based on decentralized Bitcoin currency. During the second part of the conference, you’ll hear how Liberland will boost the economy in the Balkan region, revitalizing people’s lives in the area.”

This three-day event will be held at Hotel Lug in Croatia, which is very close to the Liberland border. Getting to this location could be quite the hassle although there is a good connection to the Osijek airport in Croatia. Tickets are still available, and can be purchased with plastic cards or Bitcoin through the payment portal page.

Although there have been some rumors regarding Liberland embracing Bitcoin as the primary currency, it looks like they will create a new currency, called Merits. Earning Merits can be done by actively contributing to the project, or making a financial contribution.

Source; Press Release via Email

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