Ledger Blue Gets Nod of Approval From French Minister of Economy

Ledger, one of the more popular physical Bitcoin wallet manufacturers, has been given a slight nod of approval from the French Minister of Economy. Based on the Twitter post made by the company, Emmanuel Macron is holding the Ledger Blue, which will be the company’s next generation blockchain security device. Although the picture is rather vague due to the bright screen on the device being held, this is an interesting scenario for Bitcoin and Ledger.

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Ledger Blue Promotional Stunt

TheMerkle_Nod of Approval Ledger Wallet

Although quite a few digital currency enthusiasts have been looking forward to the Ledger Blue, a bit of extra promotion never hurt anyone. Especially if that promotion comes from the French Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron, who is allegedly holding the new Ledger Blue in a picture recently posted on Twitter.

Improving physical Bitcoin wallet security is of the utmost importance, and Ledger seems to be on the right track to do exactly that. What is of particular interest is how the company refers to their Bitcoin wallet product as “the next generation blockchain security device”, avoiding the term “Bitcoin” entirely.

It is not the first time companies active in the world of digital currency tend to ignore the term Bitcoin altogether, as blockchain is still a very powerful buzzword to attract media attention. Everything is blockchain these days, even though very few projects are not directly related to Bitcoin. The only major exception is the R3 CEV consortium, as banks are not too keen on embracing Bitcoin for the time being.

ledger blue

But there is even more Ledger Blue news, as the Developer Edition went into production stage a few days ago. All units will be shipped out before the end of March, and the first reviews of this edition should start surfacing in a few weeks from now. Regular consumers will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on this new product.

It remains to be seen how this “nod of approval” by the French Minister of Economy will affect Ledger as a company. Business has been good for this Bitcoin enterprise so far, and their line of products is very solid. It is always good to see the gap between traditional finance and Bitcoin being bridged, though.

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