Ledger Announces BOLOS Operating System

Ledger is one of the busiest companies in the Bitcoin world today, as they are not only focusing on hardware and software wallets, but they even released their own operation system. BOLOS, as the project is called, will change the way people look at smartcards today by putting developers in full control of how the operating system will evolve in the future.

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BOLOS – The Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System

TheMerkle_Operating System BOLOS Ledger

Operating systems come in different shapes and forms, yet the BOLOS project by ledger is providing something entirely different to the digital currency community and developers all over the world. This unobtrusive framework will let anyone build source code portable native apps on top of a secure core, as well as isolate apps from each other without getting in the way.

To put this into words everybody can understand, Ledger wants to make their existing line of Bitcoin hardware wallets into personal security devices. Additionally, the goal is to let users install third-party applications on these devices, which enable additional privacy features while still keeping their implementation and source code under wraps if they prefer to do so.

Owners of the Ledger Blue will be able to experience BOLOS hands-on, and every application on this device will only run within its own memory region. This removes any overlap or interference between applications, ensuring everything runs smooth on the Ledger Blue. Moreover, applications operate in User mode, whereas the device owner is given Supervisor access.

Developers should think of the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System as a collection of stepping stones to create versatile applications. All of these stones will offer their own type of functionality, ranging from cryptographic primitives to device storage and user confirmation.

The release of the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System is just the first iteration of what Ledger wants to offer to enthusiasts and developers out there. The company has announced they will release additional articles and guides on how to run applications based on the BOLOS operating system.

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