Leading Derivatives Platform BTCMEX Announces Affiliate Program and Trading Bonuses

Despite entering the space only 6 months ago, top cryptocurrency derivatives platform BTCMEX is already gaining a solid reputation, attracting a growing number of users. Since its launch in late 2019, BTCMEX has also seen its trading volume spiked significantly. Today, it averages well over $50 million in daily trading volume, which reinforces the growing market interest in cryptocurrency derivatives in general.

The BTCMEX philosophy is simple: focus on the needs of its users, innovation, and trust. The rapidly growing company believes all three of these aspects are crucial for success in the world of cryptocurrency and are at the core of its blueprint for long term and sustainable growth. Combined with a transparent and fair platform protocol, BTCMEX ticks a lot of the right boxes for all levels of traders interested in derivatives. 

Low Fees, High TPS, and Strong Security

Users of the platform can benefit from a low fee structure, multilingual customer support, and a guaranteed uptime of 100%. Running a top crypto derivatives platform means ensuring markets are open 24/7 for traders. 

BTCMEX can provide 100,000 TPS per trading pair, a significant improvement over the industry-standard infrastructure. Because of its innovative technology, BTCMEX can provide a tenfold increase in average industry speed, with latency reduced to as little as 1ms in some cases. 

To show its commitment to the security of its platform and the safety of its users, funds are stored in a secure multi-sig cold wallet, and all BTCMEX Internal security measures have been vetted by international experts. 

Accessible by Anyone

Derivatives trading is different from handling cryptocurrencies directly. To aid newcomers, BTCMEX has a detailed user’s guide and a native Trading Codex. These tools make the platform even more accessible, and also add a degree of interactivity to the mix.

To attract more users, the platform has a generous trading bonus and affiliate program. Now, new users can receive a bonus of up to $120, which doesn’t require clients to complete a KYC process. The affiliate program benefits include earning up to 60% from direct traffic and 20% from sub-affiliates.

In terms of future plans, BTCMEX is not resting on its laurels either. The company is building an AI-enabled price prediction system to provide better trading strategies, and it is a part of the company’s desire to provide innovative solutions and enhance the trading experience.