Lead Tor Developer Keeps Getting Harassed By FBI

The FBI seems to have taken an unusual interest in Tor lead developer Isis Agora Lovecruft. In fact, she has accused the law enforcement agency of harassment For the time being, it remains unclear as to why the FBI wants to talk to her so desperately, but there is no legal obligation for Lovecruft to do so.

FBI Vs Tor Continues

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People who have been following Tor throughout the years will know Lovecruft has been working on security and encryption products with the other developers. To this very day, she is still a lead software developer at the Tor project, which has caused a slew of phone calls from law enforcement to have a private chat with her.

Things are getting slightly out of control, though, as Lovecruft has told the media the FBI tried to contact her at her parents’ house as well. However, the officials never gave any indication as to why they want to talk to her privately. Keeping in mind how this debacle has been going on for six months now, it is time for the harassing to come to an end.

It is no secret the FBI has a keen interest in Tor and anonymity software in general. In fact, the law enforcement agency has been found guilty of colluding with Carnegie Mellon University to attack the protocol. Additionally, it is still possible the FBI has some form of backdoor access to Tor, although that has never been officially confirmed or denied.

What makes this story rather worrying is how there seem to be FBI field teams on the lookout for Lovecruft, spread over five different parts of the United States. This seems to indicate the law enforcement agency will not give up the chase so easily, yet they have no legal grounds to put her under arrest or anything along those lines.

This type of activity will not do the FBI or law enforcement in general any favors. There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk to a particular individual. But harassing them time and time again, and making them feel hunted, is not the right way to go about things. Moreover, when the other party does not agree to talk, everyone should just leave it at that.

Source: Dark Web News

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