Lamborghini Unveils The Insane Huracan EVO Spyder

Lamborghini recently unveiled the all new Huracan EVO Spyder. This new model is ultra-lightweight coming in at 3,400 lb. It boasts a 5.2L V-10 engine putting out 610 HP. Let’s take a closer look at this beast.

Currently, Lamborghini has three amazing models: Urus, Huracan and theĀ Aventador. The Urus is an SUV which is a brand new addition to the Lamborghini family. The Aventador has the iconic scissor doors, and the Huracan is essentially the “more affordable” version of the Aventador. The new Huracan EVO Spyder is a newer version of the original Huracan EVO, but this time its convertible. For those of you not familiar, Spyder in the name means the vehicle is convertible.

The Huracan EVO Spyder goes on sale in spring of 2019 and will cost around $287,000, it’s substantially cheaper in Europe coming in at only $202,000. Comparing that to the EVO which costs $261,000 a $20,000 for a convertible option and extra power doesn’t sound too bad.

The Spyder’s 0-60 is at 3.1 seconds, compared to the EVO which is at 2.9 seconds. The extra time comes from the convertible mechanism weighing on the car. The regular EVO also weighs in at 3,100lbs which is 300lbs lighter than the Spyder.

My personal favorite part about the car is how it still looks great with the top down. If you look at older convertible Lamborghini models like the Gallardo Spyder, they don’t look that great with the top down. Something about the back half of the car doesn’t quite add up with the front. However, with the EVO the car looks just as good if not better with the top down. After all, if you are going to get a Lamborghini, being able to ride with the top down is a must.

A picture is worth a thousand words, check out the gallery below to get a better look at this beast: