Kraken Enables Ethereum Dark Pool Trading

The Kraken exchange remains one of the most popular platforms to trade cryptocurrency in a convenient manner. Not too long ago, the company added Ethereum trading. And as of today, they also offer an Ethereum Dark Pool for traders.

What Is The Ethereum Dark Pool?

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It is not the first time Kraken opens a so-called Dark Pool for high-volume traders who prefer anonymity when buying and selling cryptocurrency. The company offers this concept to Bitcoin users for several months now, and they have now expanded this functionality to cover Ethereum as well.

One of the main reasons why such a Dark Pool holds a lot of value to traders is because buyers and sellers can place large orders without them being visible on the order book. This allows for anonymous trading of larger quantities without having an immediate effect on the public price, which is usually a good thing.

But there is one requirement to partake in this Ethereum Dark Pool, as minimums have to be equal to or surpass the 50 Bitcoin or 2,500 Ether mark. However, since these massive trades will not be visible to the public, there is nothing to worry about regarding what the rest of the market decides to do.

Moreover, traders can partake in the Ethereum Dark Pool and trade Ether against not just Bitcoin, but also all major supported fiat currencies on the market. These trading pairs include EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, and CAD. Plenty of options for everyone who wants to complete some high-volume exchanging without too much concern.

Other changes made by Ethereum include the addition of Ether as a collateral currency, three new margin trading pairs, and increased leverage on existing margin pairs. Kraken is positioning itself as the go-to exchange for all cryptocurrency needs at this pace, as they have been adding new features left, right, and centre.

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