KnCMiner Employee Stabbed By Co-Worker

Bitcoin hardware manufacturers have no problem with making media headlines, although they are not always overly positive. In the case of KnCMiner, for example, an attempted murder took place at the company’s data center in northern Sweden. Although details remain relatively vague at the time of publication, it looks like there has been an altercation between two KnCMiner co-workers.

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KnCMiner Altercation Becomes Hot News

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Disagreements and fisticuffs between co-workers are nothing out of the ordinary these days, as various businesses are under immense pressure to deliver products and services at all times. Such a stressful work environment, combined with a mostly male-dominated world – and tons of testosterone – is a natural breeding ground for disputes, which can even get physical at times.

Bitcoin companies are no different in that regard, especially the ones involved in mining hardware manufacturing. KnCMiner is one of the most renowned Bitcoin companies in this space, and as their staff keeps working hard to keep all of the hardware up and running, disputes are bound to take place sooner or later.

Based on the preliminary information provided to us by Swedish media outlet Nsd, such an altercation has gotten out of hand, as two KnCMiner co-workers got into a serious argument. In the end, one of them pulled a knife and stabbed his colleague in the chest. The 40-year old assailant has been apprehended by the police and is facing severe attempted manslaughter charges.

Further information remains rather vague at this point, but we do know the stabbing took place within the KnCMiner building, close to one of their server rooms.  At the time of publication, the person who got stabbed was transferred to a local hospital and remains in critical condition. This particular part of the KnCMiner facility is now a crime scene, and local law enforcement will be conducting a thorough investigation of the matter.

In an updated publication, NSD mentioned how the incident may have been recorded on video, although that has not been confirmed by the police nor KnCMiner at this time. If this were to be the case, there is no doubt the assailant will be trialed and face jail time.

Source: NSD

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