Keyrpto: Token Generation Main Event To Begin Imminently

Following its successful presale, Keyrpto, the revolutionary blockchain-based e-commerce platform, is set to kick off its Token Generation Event on April 2nd, 2018. Aimed at giving the general public a second chance with the “new eBay of the crypto industry”, the event will enable participant acquire the platform’s utility token at a discounted prices.

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The Future for Cryptocurrencies and e-Commerce

Keyrpto is an inclusive, blockchain ecosystem designed to enable small and medium-scale businesses (SMEs) set up their own store and start selling their products online using simple and intuitive tools. Standing at the intersection between blockchain technology and e-commerce, Keyrpto enables users and merchants to exchange values using their favorite cryptocurrency through smart contracts for complete transparency and security.

The platform is the first true Smart Contract between buyer & seller with every transaction recorded to the blockchain and visible to the public. Keyrpto not only eliminates the risk of scams and frauds by creating a direct medium of exchange between buyers and sellers, but also reduces commission cost by eliminating intermediaries. The platform also provides full payment protection, directly delivering product or service to parties and serving as a mediator.Osama Morad, the Founder of Keyrpto stated:

“I believe this is the blockchain era and it will be the next revolution for the online marketplace. As this revolutionary technology increases in popularity, more blockchain-based companies will be dreaming up the next big steps for a variety of industries. Keyrpto will be a leader in the e-commerce industry.

Keyrpto Token Generation Event

Shortly between the Pre-Sale and reaching its Soft Cap target, Keyrpto temporarily paused its TGE to release the beta version of its platform to the public ahead of schedule. This provided the community with a unique opportunity to try out the platform’s feature, provide valuable feedback, and attract retailers to the platform. Retailers looking to integrate cryptocurrencies payment into their services were able to seize the opportunity and put the platform through its pace. The release has not only positioned Keyrpto for timely market release, but also immediate market impact.

Keyrpto’s native KYT token drives all transactions and underpins all settlement on the network. The tokens, which will be freely traded on crypto-exchanges, will be created during the TGE period. A limited total supply of 1,000,000,000 KYT will be minted during the event out of which 510,000,000 KYT will be offered to the public. The TGE Soft Cap has been set at 3,000,000 USD with a Hard Cap of 5,100,000 USD

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