Jewel Amongst Cryptocurrencies

Investors are still looking for new opportunities in the crypto market, one of which is hidden in the currency called Byteball. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at advantages of this new technology.

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As time goes on, we can see some problems with Bitcoin and other currencies based on blockchain. Two huge problems are the amount of fees and the issue of transaction times. A new solution, with new technology, has entered the scene, known as Byteball. Byteball offers the solution to where Bitcoin and others went wrong by use of the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

Using the DAG system, transaction times are a fraction of what bitcoin is able to reach even under good operating circumstances. Since each transaction is linked to the next and the miner is taken out of the equation, transaction times actually go down as more people use the system.

As far as Byteball and smart contracts are concerned, they are available in a simple, readable form for the user instead of the complexity you see in Ethereum. This allows users to easily understand when and how they will be paid their Bytes.

Those who are interested in Byteball can also consider the untraceable second version of the currency called Blackbytes. It manages privacy, the inability to trace payments. Some of the other benefits that Byteball can provide include: atomic exchange, regulated assets, multi-signature transactions, sending Bytes by messaging services, settlement finalities, immutable storage and quantum security.

Recently, mainstream media has begun to notice the existence of Byteball, including the NY times and Forbes, and because of its low price compared to its rivals, it is a very interesting altcoin for investment.