Jaxx is The First Multi-Platform Ethereum Light Wallet

Decentral, the Canadian consultancy, and software development company, announced today the release of Jaxx wallet version 1.0, the first multi-platform Ethereum/Bitcoin light wallet, Jaxx is available on iOS, Android, PC/Mac/Linux desktops, and as a Chrome/Firefox browser extension.

Located in downtown Toronto, Decentral is an innovation hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies, the company offers a variety of consultancy services on Blockchain and Financial technologies, along with software development. The Canadian company revealed on May 29 the “7 Days of Jaxx“, an event in which they will be making major announcements during each day of the week.

Day 1 saw the release of iOS version of Jaxx Wallet 1.0, and the team released yesterday the update to the rest of the platforms, the company stated that the wallet has officially ended the beta phase, entering now the first stable, and security audited version.

The beta period lasted for four months, during which the wallet accumulated 10,000 downloads. Jaxx wallet currently supports Ether and Bitcoin, all in the same software, the team announcJaxxed that DAO tokens support will be up in the next few days, the ultimate goal, according to the Canadian company is to have a multi-platform wallet that supports not only Ether and Bitcoin, but other coins and tokens as well:

We will be adding full support for The DAO later this week, with many more coins and tokens to follow.

The wallet presents a very clean, easy to use interface, combining an Ethereum light wallet, with a Bitcoin one, to switch from the two cryptocurrency, the user only needs to click on the tabs above.

All balances and private keys are backed up by a single 12-word mnemonic, which can also be used to pair your wallet on multiple devices. Users should carefully back up these 12 words so that they can recover the funds in case they lose or switch devices, there is also an option to set a 4-digit PIN to approve transactions and to acess the mnemonic.

The finishing statement from the annocement was related to the company’s future goal:

As Jaxx continues to grow, our ultimate goal is to become the command center for your digital life, including all of your coins, tokens, contracts, identity, etc. Our upcoming slate of integrations will greatly enhance Jaxx’s flexibility and functionality and get us closer to that goal. We were the first to unite Bitcoin and Ethereum in a single wallet, as well as the first to bring Ethereum to iOS, and we’re looking forward to a lot more milestones to come.

You can download Jaxx wallet for any of the supported platforms at Jaxx.io, as always, The Merkle recommends its readers to be careful when storing passwords and personal data.

Apple users can now download the app of The Merkle in the App Store!

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