JapanCrate: Buy Japanese Sweets With Bitcoin

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin –  the currency – is the fact it lets us buy a ton of stuff, especially if you know where to look. Ranging from hotels and flights to electronics, SEO services and even 3D printers, the purchasing options are pretty much limitless. But every now and then, you come across the darndest niche items you can buy with Bitcoin as well.

Japanese Treats On A Subscription

The concept of buying random items in a box is nothing new in the world of internet and e-commerce. One of the primary examples of such a random box is Lootcrate, where you get a collection of goodies regarding a certain theme delivered to your home every month. Or how about Harry’s, which ships shaving supplies to your door based on your subscription schedule.

But when it comes to food, these kind of deals are hard to find, especially if you are located outside the US, Canada or United Kingdom. JapanCrate is looking to change that, as this company will ship their boxes of goodies to any country in the world. Citizens of the United States will receive free shipping, while other customers pay up to US$15 for international shipping [which comes with a tracking number].

So what makes JapanCrate so special? As you can guess by its name, JapanCrate only sells goodies that are very popular in Japan. Or to be more precise, they will sell you Japanese sweets and treats on a subscription basis. If you look on Youtube for “Japanese candy” , you will find some of the examples that may very well be in your next JapanCrate delivery.

The Japan Crate February Premium option – which costs you US$30 excluding shipping depending on your location – contains 10 different Japanese sweets, ranging from Pokemon Sparkling Apple Drink to Liquid Mixing Candy. But JapanCrate wouldn’t be true to the nature of Japanese sweets if there wasn’t something peculiar included in February’s box, which is Kizami Dried Squid.

It has to be said however that everything else included in the box looks fairly normal and standard. You can hardly go wrong with chocolate biscuits or collectible card gu, but then again again, it is coming from Japan, so you never really know.  All in all, the JapanCrate boxes look pretty interesting if you are into that kind of thing, and their subscription model could prove to be an interesting value for money.

Payment Options

Speaking of JapanCrate subscriptions, it is currently not possible to start a new subscription as the company has been overwhelmed by the success and demand of their customers. A waiting list has been opened, to which anyone can subscribe by entering your email address. For the time being, it remains unclear when subscriptions will be made available again to new customers.

The reason why JapanCrate has caught our eye is because this company accepts two different payment methods : Paypal and Bitcoin. Considering their business models revolves around subscriptions – which are recurring payments – it seems safe to assume that Coinbase will be handling their Bitcoin transactions. We could not verify this at the time of publication because the website gives us the following error : Error occurred while contacting gateway : ACCESS_KEY not matched with a user.

Will you be ordering anything from JapanCrate in the [near] future? Let us know in the comments below!

Website : http://japancrate.com/