Jane Street Prefers Volatile Markets, Including Bitcoin

A lot of companies have shown an increasing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One firm which has been doing so in secret goes by the name of Jane Street. This firm has flown under most people’s radar for quite some time now, despite trading over US$5 trillion worth of assets throughout 2017.

Jane Street and Bitcoin Trading

It has become rather apparent that Bitcoin trading is quite popular. While the overall trading volume isn’t exactly impressive as of right now, not all trades occur through the exchanges associated with cryptocurrency. There are also dark pools, OTC trades, and even firms dealing in Bitcoin which no one even seems to be aware of. It’s a remarkable trend that shows the future of Bitcoin looks very, very positive.

The fact that Jane Street is a secretive Wall Street firm raises a lot of questions. Even though few people knew what the company was up to in 2017, it seems they managed to successfully trade over US$5 trillion in assets. The main reason for that success is that this company offers multiple products.

As of right now, the firm mainly focuses on technology and stock trading. Its latest addition comes in the form of Bitcoin trading, which has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the past few months. Unfortunately, there are a lot more downs than ups right now, and it seems that overall trend will not improve in the near future. Even so, volatile markets create a lot of interest among traders, speculators, and enthusiasts alike.

It seems Jane Street only entered the cryptocurrency market in 2017. That is not entirely strange, as a lot of companies are only now paying attention to this new form of money. Even so, the company sees a lot of merit in Bitcoin trading. While the current price volatility is rather scary for normal traders, companies such as Jane Street know the risks all too well. Arbitrage opportunities are especially worth looking into right now.

Although it remains to be seen how Jane Street makes its money with Bitcoin trading, it seems the company will continue to do exactly that. This increased focus on cryptocurrency markets on the part of trading firms will bring more legitimacy to this industry as a whole. At the same time, it will also introduce more volatility, which is not a good thing by any means. It is evident Bitcoin will be going through a very rough period for quite some time to come.

It also seems the secretive firm will focus on other cryptocurrencies in the future. One of its spokespeople stated that the team will be involved in more cryptocurrency products “as they emerge”. That’s a rather mysterious way of phrasing the company’s intentions, although it seems safe to say they will not drop Bitcoin support anytime soon.