Jack Dorsey Expects Big Things for Bitcoin in Africa

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey continues to generate some peculiar headlines. He is planning to move to Africa, primarily because he expects the region to go through a major Bitcoin boom. 

It is not uncommon to see Jack Dorsey tweet about Africa,

Jack Dorsey is Still a Bitcoin Hopeful

In fact, this has become somewhat of a weekly trend.

Most of those messages pertain to Bitcoin Meetups taking place in various African countries.

In a new statement, Dorsey claims he could move to Africa for up to six months next year.

He also expects the region to define the future, primarily the Bitcoin one.

It is a very mysterious message, albeit one that further confirms how the Twitter CEO is a firm believer in cryptocurrencies. 

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Over the past months, Jack Dorsey has visited numerous African countries.

His shared images also show meeting up with local startups pitching their business model to him.

As CEO of Twitter, Dorsey certainly has some cash to burn on innovative startups.

In Ghana, Jack was primarily interested in meeting up with Bitcoin business owners.

Ghana is one of the regions where cryptocurrencies are already making an impact, albeit still on a rather limited scale.

It is rather intriguing to see the Twitter CEO embark on this journey and even plan to spend more time in Africa.

It is a continent where innovation can come in many different forms, eve though the region is often ignored by tech companies and those capable of funding startups. 

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