Blockchain Project MiPasa Fights the Good Coronavirus Fight

It would appear that blockchain technology can make a genuine difference when battling the coronavirus crisis. The previously announced MiPasa venture is getting a lot of attention, indicating that its parent company is on the right track.

The global coronavirus crisis continues to dominate everyday life for most of the world’s population.

MiPasa Keeps Forging Ahead

Things are not looking great, nor is there much improvement in sight.

MiPasa, a recently launched blockchain startup for COVID-19 data integrity is seemingly getting some praise.

It is evident that the demand for accurate data related to the coronavirus is crucial, now maybe more than ever before.

MiPasa aims to respect user privacy at all times, while still making effective use of the data submitted by users. 

The blockchain project also receives support from Oracle and Microsoft.

Technology companies have a crucial role to play during times like these, and it seems both firms have stepped up their efforts recently.

New data entered into MiPasa needs to match the original before it is recorded.

Additionally, there is an extra “verification” by the public, as they can report any errors or inconsistencies.

One thing the developers are working on is making the platform more accessible.

A mobile application can certainly help achieve that goal, albeit it remains to be seen if and when that will be released.