ISG3D Teams Up with to accept altcoins

ISG3D Now Accepting Altcoins

3D printing is possibly the next bubble in technology, and if you haven’t heard yet you can now buy a 3D printer with Bitcoin! As we reported a few weeks ago, ISG3D is now accepting Bitcoin as payment. The ISG team decided to move their store over to shopify and to introduce the Shifty button.



The Shifty Button is made by and is meant for website owners that want to easily accept altcoins on their site.

If you run a business website that accepts Bitcoin payments or deposits, you can place the Shifty Button HTML code into any page to enable it to accept altcoins automatically. Your users can then deposit leading altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. and they’ll be auto-converted into Bitcoin for you.

The migration is expected to happen in the next week and the ISG team is planning to accept the following cryptocurrencies:

BC Blackcoin
BTCD BitcoinDark
DOGE Dogecoin
DRK Darkcoin
FTC Feathercoin
LTC Litecoin
NBT Nubits
NMC Namecoin
PPC Peercoin
QRK Quark
RDD Reddcoin
XRP Ripple

Here is a video of the ISG11 printer in action currently priced at $773.11 ($899 CAD)

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