Is A Hands-on Bitcoin Educational Effort Worth it?

Making people warm for Bitcoin is not an easy task these days, but once they see the magic happen, it becomes a lot easier. Sending someone Bitcoin should get them more excited about how the ecosystem works and where they can buy some, rather than selling their current BTC amount.

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The Hands-on Bitcoin Education Approach

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People with an affinity for technology and everything surrounding it will not have a difficult time reading up on Bitcoin and what it all entails. But the average consumer is an entirely different creature, and they need to see how Bitcoin works before even showing the slightest interest in this system.

A hands-on approach for Bitcoin educational effort seems to be the right way to go. Educating people on cryptocurrency goes well beyond giving presentations, no matter how interactive they may be. Showing transactions in real-time in a peer-to-peer environment will usually get a lot more response than any other medium.

The best case scenario would be for people who receive Bitcoin not to sell their coins immediately and look for more information on the subject. Additionally, they will hopefully take an interest in how they can buy or earn more Bitcoin, and start treating it like the money transfer tool it is.

In some regions around the world, this approach will be far more successful than anywhere else.  There are a lot of countries in the world where inflationary currencies are combined with strong capital control measurements. For those people, Bitcoin is a way to escape these financial shackles.

In the Western world, however, consumers are spoiled by the wide variety of payment methods. Ranging from credit cards to cash and mobile banking, there are so many different options to pay for goods and services. Bitcoin will not make an immediate impact in this region, though, although the hands-on educational approach will still win over some souls.

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