iPRONTO To Foster Innovation and Startups Through Blockchain-based Connection to Incubators and Investors

For the amateur inventor, getting noticed is often an insurmountable challenge. From financial hurdles to networking challenges, resource allocation  and management, the path to innovation is fraught with difficulties and disappointment. iPRONTO is a decentralized platform that will nourish and endorse amateur innovators, allowing them to connect with investors.

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An Innovative Engagement Platform

Created by Idea Paradise and designed to overcome the limitations placed upon entrepreneurs due to geographical location, political boundaries, economic condition, and financial abilities, iPRONTO is a blockchain-based incubator platform for inventors by inventors. The platform will offer an invaluable range of services and support for both innovators and entrepreneurs, creating direct channels of engagement between entrepreneurs and inventors.

iPRONTO believes that great ideas should be given a conducive environment to grow and blossom irrespective of location or financial capabilities. The platform brings together talents, financing, and resources all under a unifying ecosystem and facilitating interactions between entrepreneur and investors, government bodies, lawyers and other service providers.

By leveraging blockchain technology, iPRONTO not only allows the global community to participate in the development and distribution of next generation innovation, but also provides a transparent and tamper-proof system for doing so. The platform will streamline engagements between startups and investors, providing necessary guidance and resources for curating and incubating startup portfolios. Angel investors and venture capital can easily conduct due diligence on any project they wish to invest in. They will be able to access blockchain-based documentations and records for every project hosted on the platform before committing to any engagement.

Uniting Inventors with Investors

Inventions will only be listed after the viability of the invention has been accessed, credibility of the team established, and relevant documentations have been recorded to the blockchain for easy verification, transparency, and accountability. iPRONTO presents not only business ideas to potential investors — as well as fostering the growth of these ideas, but also open up easy channels of accessibility to government services, licensing and registrations agencies, legal and HR resources, allied marketing, finance and other business services.

All engagement on the platform are backed by Smart Contracts, eliminating the traditional need of third-party in venture capital. This drastically increases processing time and provides a tamper-proof medium of exchange. iPRONTO is powered by its native iPRONTO Coin (IPR). IPR is both a medium of value exchange and also a community voting mechanism for the platform. Token holders will also be eligible to receive a share in revenues generated by the platform.

Platform Tokens Sale

iPRONTO token sale is currently ongoing, presenting the community with an opportunity to become a part of the initiative. Contributors can acquire IPR tokens at a discount – alongside other incentives and privileges. Further information about the token sale is available on the official website.


iPRONTO is a blockchain powered solution to provide incubation and a range of business services to entrepreneurs and startups. The platform is designed to work directly with stakeholders in the ecosystem and can be plugged into any existing incubator program across the world. In future, iPRONTO will be building an entire ecosystem, including peer to peer crypto exchange, and a cryptocurrency fund house as well as licensing of whole ecosystem to genuinely support incubators.

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