iPhone 8 vs. iPhone x – Which One is the Better Smartphone

When it comes to smartphones one of the key players in the industry is Apple. The iPhones are one of the most bought mobiles of the modern era and people are always eager to get their hands on the company’s latest flagship device. Just a couple of months ago, Apple shocked the world by announcing not just one new premium handset but three, leaving fans wondering which they should buy and why. Unveiled were the iPhone 8, its bigger brother the 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The question is, which one is better?

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The first thing people notice is the design and it’s the iPhone X that really stands out here, probably because the screen stretches right to the edge of the device. It’s a much better looking iPhone than ever seen before and one that you would expect Apple to continue with going forward. However, the X has no home button and this for many is a drawback. So if you want the new futuristic look, it’s the X but for a more traditional handset, the 8. The 8 Plus is for those wanting a bigger screen.

When it comes to power, all 3 handsets have people well covered. The iPhone 8 and the X are both powered by the A11 Bionic chip along with the Snapdragon 835 processor. This means both handsets are able to run apps and games effortlessly, with multiple tasks ongoing at the same time. So whether someone is playing a power hungry game such as Grand Theft Auto, one which features the latest tech such as augmented reality like Pokemon Go or whether they’re playing a roulette game on PartyCasino, these handsets have you covered.

You would probably look at all 3 handsets and their prices and be able to guess that the iPhone X has a slight edge in most departments. The display for example on the X is OLED rather than the typical IPS LCD seen in the iPhone 8. It also has Dolby Vision and is HDR 10 capable with a higher resolution too. So the iPhone X probably does win the battle but the real question is whether the marquee handset is worth paying extra for as the iPhone 8 does everything as well as you’d expect it too.

There’s only a slight increase in RAM between the devices, with the 8 having 2gb and the X having 3; but the increase is rarely noticeable. As said before the X doesn’t have the home button and this is something that many people will take a while to get used to. The reality is three handsets are great additions to the premium smartphone market. The X has all the features of the iPhone 8 but with signs that Apple are going to go in a new direction, while the iPhone 8 does everything you’d expect of a flagship device and a little more too. If gaming is your thing though, the large screen of the 8 Plus could appeal too.