Introducing The Bitstake Prepaid Card, Your Key to Crypto

The African economy has often been highlighted as one of the very much unexplored territories which cryptocurrencies have not yet completely penetrated. The benefits which could be applied to many living in developed economies are easily transferable to African countries allowing for advances in the methods used by many to manage their money. With Nigeria, among many countries in Africa, seeing a huge increase in the numbers of civilians with SMS and Internet accessibility Bitstake has introduced its new Prepaid card designed to help Nigerians take advantage of a faster method of accepting remittances.

The fact cryptocurrencies open the door for instant transactions, a cheap platform for remittance and the ease of use has made BitStake the platform of choice for many Nigerians. With the launch of the Prepaid card users can now send money to their relatives in Nigeria via the BitStake platform as anyone with a account linked with the service can redeem codes and essentially have a taste of what digital currencies can do.

A simple Guide for the Bitstake Prepaid Cards

  1. Purchase a Prepaid card from your local retailer or using the online service provided by BitStake
  2. Create a account on the BitStake website/Login if you already have a account
  3. Click on the Redeem button which is on the screen after the login process is finished
  4. Enter the code
  5. Done ! You have just transferred fiat into XBS !

For more information please visit the official BitStake website.

Well the launch of the service symbolizes another groundbreaking achievement by the BitStake Staff in integrating digital currencies into a otherwise undeveloped economy. The cards have proven to be much easier to use when Western Union and other remittance services were tested. With the code easily redeemable and converted into Naires, the process takes just a few seconds with the online BitStake platform optimized for speed and stability. There have been various uses for the cards already highlighted in the official blog which include the following …

Use Your BitStake Prepaid Card

  • Send and receive money between other BitStake accounts.
  • Simple and easier way to deposit money into BitStake accounts.
  • Perfect gift that you can give family and friends access to money.
  • Pay bills, shop online and withdraw cash.

…allowing BitStake’s prepaid cards to act as a utility essential to the remittance platform pioneered by BitStake.

The purchase of the Prepaid cards also allows you to access the entire BitStake economy. With a prosperous currency increasing in value, the design of the currency allows for one to ease into the crypto space. XBS (BitStake) amounts equivalent to the value of the prepaid card are visible in the transaction history which also allows for organization when dealing with remittances.

BitStake will also provide us with a couple of XBS codes so keep a eye out on Twitter for a chance to get hands on with the latest in technology that is Bitstake.

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