Introducing MDL Talent Hub: The Decentralized Marketplace and Ecosystem for Talent

The modern economy is moving away from manual labour and effort-intensive jobs, and has been doing so for some time. There is actually a website that tells anyone how much likely he is to lose his job in the next five years or so to automation!

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Retailers, cashiers, drivers, and other easily automated jobs are going to be lost in the coming years and it will be a challenge for the economy to be able to sustain this many number of mid-career workers and the influxes into other careers.

It won’t be like the first industrial revolution in which out-of-work people were simply shifted to new factories where they could do the same manual labor. This time, it will be far more difficult as manufacturing is slowing down and also being automated.

So, people are going to face big problems in the near future. But, human beings aren’t robots, and as such all of us possess unique talents and skills. So, a system that helps people with these skills is of paramount importance to help create jobs and protect people from these dangers in the future.

The MDL Platform

MyDailyLife (MDL) Talent Hub is a promising decentralized marketplace for people with unique talents, which will bring trust to the aforementioned areas. The platform is especially targeting artists, performers, models and other talented people to use their services in the future and get a paying audience for their various talented approaches.

People, especially the ones in showbusiness, are often mistreated and their schedules and fees are not in their control. MDL Talent Hub will ensure that artists are treated fairly by the clients.

It is a platform where the reputation of artists is traced, channels are consolidated, and presentation is standardized. It offers reputation-based partnership programs with brands, a unique prosumer-based ecosystem marketplace in equipment, and costumes and livestreaming features bundled in.

In previous talent-based systems, search is still done manually and channels aren’t consolidated, which results in limitations for both clients and performers/artists. There is a lot of uncertainty going on in the current ecosystem, where nobody has a guarantee of anything, along with a general lack of standards being implemented in the performance world.

Distributed Ledger

At the core of any decentralized platform is a distributed ledger. The MDL Talent Hub will utilize PIDS technologies like IPFS and CXO which will be stored on the distributed blockchain ledger technology from the company. The distributed nature of the system will allow raise access, speed and security of the platform to a much higher level thus providing artists with necessary security of information that is simply not there without it.

The MDL Talent Hub also offers an extensive bounty program where anyone can earn MDL tokens by helping store and process information through the decentralized blockchain ledger. These tokens will eventually be used to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges and will earn dividends in the future.

MDL Token Generation Event (TGE)

MDL has already launched at pre-TGE event which will run all the way till March 2018 an the target will be set at CA $600,000. From March onwards they will undergo their main TGE and the target is set at CA $20 million. The total number of coins issued by MDL is 100 million. 50% of the total amount will be available in Pre-TGE at a price of $0.01.  The price will increase 5 times after the Pre-TGE.
The money raised will be used for business development, R&D for the new platform and further implementation of PIDS technologies. The MDL token is to be released on the skyledger.

For more Information, visit the MDL website at