Ingot Coin Looks To Be Bridge Between Crypto and Fiat with IC Token

While many agree that cryptocurrency is the way of the future and would like to see the majority, if not all, of transactions to be done via one blockchain or another, it’s going to take some time to get there.

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INGOT has experience in the global financial market since 1993 and has provided various financial products and services before IC which include ETFs, international shares, as well as commodities and metals.

The Ingot Coin IC ecosystem

Ingot Coin looks to be the bridge between cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets through its platform, banking services, and IC brokerage. Estonia stationed, Ethereum blockchain based ecosystem aims to revive lost unity and demand to both markets through the establishment of 6 components that work together, all under one umbrella.

This ecosystem will take advantage of Ingot Coin’s native token IC, and will consist of an IC wallet, IC exchange, IC brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC certifier, and IC ICO Accelerator.

Main usage for the IC ecosystem

The primary function of the IC ecosystem, however, is to enable custodial and brokerage operations, encompassing all financial instrument functions that are needed.  For example, the linking of multi-sig cold storage IC wallets with the fully featured IC exchange, in addition to utilizing the IC Brokerage for both sides will allow clients to safety trade in crypto and switch over to the traditional market if they wish, where they can then easily expand or liquidate their investment through the IC bank.

Holistic services enables quick growth

This system makes it quite easy for Ingot Coin to grow quickly. If clients use one service, they are inclined to use the other related services, due to the seamless integration between the six of them. This also leads to increased usage of the IC token, which should drive demand for the token upwards in the long term.

The bank and IC wallet can be used to transfer cryptocurrencies to be used in more traditional ways, allowing users to access fiat payment methods if need be. Additional services are provided to stakeholders within the IC community, with certified experts assisting the development of the ecosystem.

Director of INGOT Group and founder of INGOT Coin Iman Mutlaq stated;

“INGOT Coin will create a complete solution by integrating 6 core ecosystem components and providing a one-stop-shop for the digital asset, traditional asset, and currency markets”

The IC Ecosystem will also provide around the clock support, with services that link both markets. Ingot Coin wants to have the industry fastest and safest entry and exit mechanisms on both the cryptocurrency and fiat side, which will make reallocation of assets and trading techniques as frictionless and efficient as possible.

Ingot Coin looks to make this possible by using distributed technologies to get rid of third-party intermediaries to solve issues that have plagued the traditional banking system like high fees, unavailability of service, and long waiting periods.

To learn more about INGOT, visit their website and read their whitepaper. INGOT has a Telegram channel for those looking to chat. Interested users can follow INGOT on both Facebook and Twitter. For professional inquiries, visit their LinkedIn.