Infinitum Bitcoins Reveals Two New Physical Coins

Physical Bitcoins provide an interesting concept to get people introduced to the world of digital currency. Keeping in mind how Bitcoin is a non-physical medium of transferring value, it can be hard for novice users to wrap their head around how this currency can work. Plus, physical bitcoins are a great gift for friends, family, and loved ones. Infinitum Bitcoins is one of the companies specializing in making these coins, and they have released two new models in recent weeks.

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Infinitum Bitcoins Homage to Tesla and Shakespeare

TheMerkle_Infinitum Bitcoins Nikola Tesla

One thing that sets the physical bitcoins by Infinitum Bitcoins apart from other companies is how they carry a particular theme. Earlier coins created by the company include a Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein version. However, it has to be said that all of these coins look really beautiful, and they come as a full package, including presentation package.

The latest models are an homage to Nikola Tesla, and William Shakespeare. It only makes sense to include Nikola Tesla on the front of a physical Bitcoin, and the portrait on the front of the coin is very detailed. Keeping in mind how Infinitum Bitcoins wants to position themselves as a provider of luxury physical bitcoins, top-notch quality is expected by customers.

William Shakespeare may not have any direct links to technology or decentralization, but he is a very prominent figure in history. Once again, a very detailed portrait can be found on the front of the coin, which makes for a great gift or collectable item. Both of these coins are produced in limited quantity – 999 of each – and are pre-funded with 1 Bitcoin cent. The coins themselves come with a numbered certificate of coin authenticity and an interference resistant hologram.

As all of the coins produced by Infinitum Bitcoins are limited in quantity, they make for great collectables that could increase in value over time. With the supply of under 1,000 pieces for both the  Tesla and Shakespeare coins, they offer plenty of opportunities for resale in the future. After all, some people see a physical Bitcoin as an investment for the future, rather than just a collectable.

In fact, one could go as far as saying these Infinitum Bitcoins products are rather cheap investments. Priced at US$99 each – excluding worldwide shipping – for these two new additions consumers will get a lot of bang for their buck. Especially when taking into account how every coin weights Troy Oz. of 999 Pure Silver, this is a double investment in both Bitcoin collectibles and precious metals.

Source; BitcoinTalk

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