ImmVRse: Promoting the Growth and Development of VR Content

ImmVRse recognizes the demand for virtual reality content has increased significantly across a wide array of industries. Although still in the Alpha stages of development as a whole, most sectors have began to recognize VR’s effectiveness and immense potential as an incredibly efficient marketing tool. In turn, this provides companies and brands a novel and exciting way to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

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Transparency Market Research published a recent article forecasting a huge growth for the global market for VR content in coming years. The report predicts a rapid 278 fold increase in the market value of VR between 2015 and the end of 2024 – set to jump from 147.5 million USD to a gigantic 41 billion.

Supply, Growth and Development

In order to supply the growth and development of high-quality VR content, ImmVRse have decided to take a well rounded approach to drive forward the company, much like YouTube, allowing its users to rate the content, giving is value once published. This system has been designed so that content creators using VR can come together with the community, continuously interacting, solving any problems and hoping to inspire the masses, and inspiring each other to produce some of the most innovative VR content available online.

For the Creators

Classifying the content into tiers, the more attention they will draw from not only being put into the correct archive but they will gain traction and attention from not only the viewers but advertisers and big brands. This could result in an increasingly lucrative deals and opportunities. With each tier consisting of different requirements and the two ways to earn these accolades are through the monthly creators’ awards and endorsement badges.

Utilizing the Blockchain, ImmVRse Smart Contracts will feature a trigger to release a monthly reward system where viewers are able to vote for their favorite videos under multiple categories. Winners of these monthly awards will receive an amount of ImmVRse tokens, and will be able to advance into a higher tier of creator rankings.

ImmVRse will use endorsement badges as an alternative in the creator rankings, these badges allow brands the chance to recognize the creators for the successful completion of a business-related project. Creators automatically receive an endorsement badge from a company upon the approval of the submitted content, receiving a receipt to clear funds, ensuring the objectives, and the level of complexity and difficulty is factored in when rewards are issued.

A Comprehensive Measure

The creator tier system is a comprehensive measure of experience and quality of work. Having this protocol gives the creator who puts significant effort into their work, will find themselves quickly moving up the system, achieving more recognition and the option to increase the minimum costs of the service provided.

Consequently, users will be placed in a much better business position, in addition to receiving a payout for every tier they reach, motivating and incentivizing creators to strive to create the most original, innovative content they possibly can, to achieve top “diamond” tier creator status, whereby they will be recognized as one of the most elite creators on the platform. ImmVRse firmly believes that this system will bring out the best of VR content creation in the nexts few years.

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