IBM Unveils its Rapid Supplier Connect Blockchain Venture

The quest to use blockchain technology during the coronavirus crisis is far from over. IBM is currently in the process of bridging the gap between buyers and supplies of medical supplies.

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted many inefficiencies across supply chains globally.

IBM’s Blockchain Effort for the Coronavirus

Addressing those problems will not come easy, although it most certainly can be done. 

IBM Is firmly convinced that  blockchain technology is the plausible solution moving forward. 

Through its Rapid Supplier Connect venture, an important step has been taken. 

It is a solution to address the needs of buyers and suppliers during the coronavirus crisis.

For now, this new network is free to sue for any company aiding in coronavirus efforts across the US and Canada.

What will happen after that grace period is over, remains to be determined at this stage. 

Speeding up the process of vetting and onboarding suppliers of medical products and services is crucial during this stage of the coronavirus crisis.

IBM is one of the first major technology firms releasing its commercialized blockchain project in this regard.

Considering how dozens of other use cases for blockchain are being explored, things can get very interesting in the coming weeks and months.