IBM Joins Consensus 2016 Fintech Conference as a Sponsor

IBM has officially joined as a ‘Four Block’ sponsor for Consensus 2016, a blockchain conference featuring speakers and representatives from some of the most prominent blockchain and digital currency firms in the US.

The 3-day conference will be held in May at the Marriott Marquis in New York, and features a hackathon that will be hosted by Microsoft and sponsored by Deloitte, Consensys,, Fidelity Labs, Tierion and IBM.

IBM is a founding member of the Linux-Foundation’s Hyperledger, which recently received 44,000 lines of code from 35 IBM engineers. More recently, IBM launched Bluemix, its own blockchain-as-a-service platform that interfaces with IBM’s Watson program.

In February, IBM also joined in Digital Assets’ latest funding round that topped $60 million in capital from multiple investment partners.

Digital currency news outlet CoinDesk is organizing the Consensus 2016 conference and Ryan Selkis, Team Leader at CoinDesk, explained that his team is “thrilled” about IBM’s decision to join the conference and that the company’s presence will contribute a great deal to the atmosphere of the event.

Selkis said:

“Our attendees will greatly benefit from IBM’s active participation at this year’s event, from the company’s contributions to our Building Blocks hackathon to their employees’ shared insights on major panels.”

IBM Fellow Jerry Coumo, who has worked at IBM since 1987 and is currently Vice President of IBM’s Blockchain Technologies division, has previously said that this technology has the potential to transform many industries.

Cuomo told CoinDesk:

“IBM is excited to be a sponsor of Consensus 2016 where we are sharing ideas on blockchain, advancing the powerful open source approach, and helping business advance towards a mature technology to utilize blockchain at scale.”

According to information provided on the registration page of the conference, only 94 Late Majority tickets are left and each ticket is selling for $1,749.


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