Hybrid-Decentralized Marketplace ImmVRse: A Catalyst of the VR Industry

As more brands look to test the waters of the emerging industry of virtual reality (VR), the demand for content creators will soon outstrip current traditional supply channels, which are already limited. VR content sharing platform ImmVRse proposes a direct solution to this problem, by bringing together content creators, brands and advertisers into a decentralized ecosystem.

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VR is the Sleeping Giant of Future Technology

Although the concept has been around for decades, it is only recently that VR has truly begun establishing itself as a mover and influencer of modern society, with experts predicting that the next decade will see a boom of VR adoption. Goldman Sachs forecasts that revenue from the VR sector will breach the $100 billion mark by 2025, signalling the maturity of a technology that is already seeing early implementation across multiple disciplines such as medicine, gaming, manufacturing and education.

Across these industries, substantial hardware and software investments have already been and continue to be made. In the entertainment industry particularly, VR grows into more potential, promising to enhance experiences for movie-goers and film enthusiasts alike. Already, viewers use VR to immerse themselves right into the action, experiencing a reality outside of their own, almost living the stories of their characters and sharing their experiences. This is a far move away from the previous role of the viewer as a mere spectator.

But the current demand for specific and quality VR content will soon outpace that of supply. Here, ImmVRse proposes to be the platform to sustain and accelerate VR content development.

Decentralized content to accelerate the VR industry

There exist several VR platforms already, but these are generally used by 180/2D content creators, which has failed to catalyze VR content growth. ImmVRse will target VR content creators, encouraging them to use the platform as a showcase of portfolio, exposing their work to dedicated VR audiences which can lead to employment opportunities unrestricted by location.

As an application, ImmVRse will connect VR content creators with international brands and advertisers, allowing them to inspire, collaborate and produce the very best VR content online. Aside from being a decentralized marketplace, ImmVRse can also be used as a content distribution channel. All transactions between platform users will utilize its own native digital currency called the ImmVRse token (IMV).

Using the sophistication of Ethereum smart contracts, all transactions are secured and validated without the need for intermediaries or arbitrators. Content creators can get paid by brands for their services directly with IMV, while advertisers can use the same token to manage advertising options within the platform.

In the spirit of decentralization, control and decision making lie within the hands of the community, allowing for greater freedom and creativity in workflow. As peers directly process job creation and hiring via smart contracts, terms and conditions are determined by brands and content creators, with payments secured by parameters determined between the contract parties.

The immediate edge of using ImmVRse will be the immediate reduction in cost thanks to low transaction fees and the elimination of commissions or prerequisites such as banking accounts or geographical location. Sending and receiving IMV takes a matter of seconds and costs a fraction of conventional methods.

The borderless nature of ImmVRse payments means that content creators located in places where they would normally be restricted by certain geographical and regulatory limitations can finally access, and likewise be accessed.

About ImmVRse

London-based ImmVRse is led by some of the brightest talents in the VR industry, with an average of over 15 years hands-on experience. Having managed large-scale multi-million dollar projects, their combined expertise in marketing, process specialization, HR, infrastructure development and blockchain development are well suited to building complex projects. Augmented with skills in cryptocurrency investment, the team has a good starting point from which to build a successful blockchain-based solution that will disrupt the VR industry, and revolutionise beyond reality.

To learn more about ImmVRse, visit their Website: https://immvr.se/

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