Humaniq ICO Raises Over 2,400 Bitcoin During the First few Days

There are quite a few intriguing projects making use of blockchain technology. All of these projects will go through a crude-oil at some stage, as raising funds is vital to bring these ideas to fruition. Humaniq, the self-proclaimed banking 4.0 platform, will host their ICO over the coming weeks. It seems evident this project will attract a lot of funds in the process.

Humaniq ICO Is Worth keeping An Eye On

Ever since the Humaniq project was announced, there has been a buzz of excitement among cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. The project aims to focus on the unbanked population and offer them access to financial services. It is quite an ambitious goal, but given the current state of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, being successful is not entirely impossible either,

To be successful, however, a lot of money needs to be raised Humaniq has started their ICO on April 6th and saw investors flocking to the project almost immediately. In fact, the company had secured US$600,000 in funding even before the crowdsale began, indicating investors feel the project has a good chance of succeeding and disrupt financial services in the process.

The ICO itself has been quite a success as well, as the project raised roughly US$1,5m during the first hour of the crowdsale. This also marks reaching the very first funding milestone for the project. According to the official timeline, this means the team will develop a mobile application using biometric ID authentication. The second goal revolves around running a pilot program in India.

At the time of writing, Humaniq has successfully raised 2,466.205 BTC. That is quite a significant amount, especially when considering the ICO runs until April 27th. At this rate, the team should be successful in reaching at least four milestones, including the expansion to Africa and participating in a fintech startup accelerator program. Depending on how much money is raised by the time the deadline passes, an expansion to South America may be manageable as well.

It is important to note anyone can contribute to the Humaniq ICO, as investors can purchase tokens using bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment method. There is still a 25% bonus in place for the coming few days, which is well worth checking out. Do keep in mind the maximum purchase of tokens sits at 999,000. It is possible for large investors to make multiple contributions for the maximum amount, though. Selling more tokens equals reaching more milestones, which will benefit the banking 40 platform tremendously.

In the end, it is not hard to see Humaniq receives legitimate interest from cryptocurrency investors who feel the project is checking the right boxes. Offering financial inclusion to the 2 billion unbanked people is quite significant, and we can only hope Humaniq will succeed in this regard Time will tell how popular the platform can become, that much is certain.

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