Humaniq Appoints CEO and Global Advisory Board Members, ICO Raises Over 3,775 BTC

Ever since the Humaniq project launched, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been keeping a close eye on the project’s progres. The project’s ICO is doing quite well so far, and their advisory board continues to grow. Moreover, the blockchain platform for the unbanked has appointed Dinis Guarda as CEO of the project. So far, it appears Humaniq is firing on all cylinders, as the team has achieved several major feats in a short span of time.

Humaniq Makes Some Incredible Progress

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been keeping close tabs on the Humaniq ICO. While the platform positions itself as a blockchain financial platform for the unbanked, it will not be easy to make this project succeed. By raising additional funds from investors all over the world, that process should become more manageable. It is good to see so many people take an interest in the Humaniq ICO, resulting in over 3,775 bitcoin being raised in the first few weeks.

That being said, the Humaniq ICO is only one of the many intriguing aspects of the project right now. Behind the scenes, things have been shifted into a higher gear as well. Humaniq has successfully announced its executive leadership and advisory board. These newly appointed members will help the financial platform for the unbanked successfully complete the ICO and progress development of the mobile banking application moving forward.

To be more specific, the project CEO has been appointed late last week. Dinis Guarda, an entrepreneur with plenty of experience in the world of international management, financial inclusion, and blockchain, is now the new Humaniq CEO. Alex Fork, the person responsible for co-founder Humaniq and its current president, will continue to fulfill his role. However, his title now also includes Leading Visionary of Humaniq. It is evident moving the project forward will be of great importance over the coming months and years.

Newly appointed Humaniq CEO Dinis Guarda commented on the news as follows:

“We strongly believe that the heart, humanity and experience represented on this team will be the driving force behind Humaniq’s success. With our strong team and advisory board as our foundation, we look forward to building the new world of financial inclusion, industry 4.0 and education together with Humaniq.”  

Additionally, the Humaniq advisory board has been appointed, and now consists of twenty individuals. It is good to see representatives from all over the world lending their expertise to this project. Bringing blockchain-based financial services to the unbanked population of the world will be quite the task, but with a solid team behind the project, Humaniq has every chance of succeeding. Every single one of these individuals brings something unique to the table that will be useful to Humaniq in the long run. Additionally, Vitalik Buterin made a technical consultation regarding Humaniq’s Ethereum-based tokens, further validating the potential of this project. 

Humaniq is taking financial services for the unbanked well beyond cryptocurrencies. It is a social good movement bringing together industry experts from all over the world to create technology-driven sustainable development project in the unbanked regions of the world. Nearly 2 billion people are still unbanked in 2017 and Humaniq plans to change all of that over the coming years. So far, they are well on their way to achieve that goal.

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