How to Use Telegram for Crypto Promotion

Telegram launched as an iOS app back in August 2013. The crucial difference was privacy, but in September 2014 Telegram made a foundation for advanced channels and groups. Seemingly, these groups and channels significantly grew over time. 

The sales happen when the buyer meets the seller – but it is not that simple. As we know, the first marketplaces emerged at places where people grouped in large numbers. But what was holding these groups together, and what created the trust to make the trade?

Furthermore, where do these people meet to buy and sell nowadays? And where they will meet in the future?

In all cases, the simple answer is that all trades are navigating to the online. However, there are various models for online sales, and the advancement in technology is changing them rapidly.

Nowadays, people tend to gather in groups and use platforms that build trust and support their values. For this reason, the community rallied around blockchain has chosen Telegram. It was because it is a secure platform that is developing its blockchain version, too. 

In the following, you will find out how to use leading groups in the crypto space to make the sale happen. Moreover, how to combine Telegram groups and channels in your sales strategy.

Some of the Most Popular Telegram Groups and Channels

Below are 4 of 10 of the biggest telegram channels and groups regarding ICOspeaks research:


This group emphasizes the latest crypto news. At the time of writing, it has 178,000+ subscribers, but the numbers are rapidly growing.


The channel from one of the top crypto media with 74000+ subscribers. Like IEO POOLS, it will fit for those who want to be up to date regarding all important news from the crypto industry.


This group with 139,000+ subscribers is best for beginners since it is providing educational info besides the news. Of course, the group is welcoming professional traders, too.


94.000+ members of this group are interested in Altcoins, which are the focus of this group. 

As the report also mentions channels, it is vital to notice that they are different than groups (up to 200,000 members). It is because their effect is not as substantial as the effect of the groups. Unlike channels, groups allow commenting, making them better for building the relations. On the other hand, channels don’t have the limits on numbers of subscribers. 

The company behind the previous report is providing Telegram promotion services. ICOspeaks connect investors with perspective blockchain startups via their Telegram groups and channels. In this case, it is a business model of advertising and sales via Telegram.

How can you do the same?

How to Promote via Telegram

First of all, define what type of results you tend to accomplish. Besides direct sales, there are other goals to achieve: 

  • Promoting your blockchain project or/and future fundraising
  • Getting the traction or/and additional traffic to your website
  • Building brand awareness or/and the product’s goodwill

Second, create your strategy as selling in groups and channels is different.

Selling via Channels 

Channels are great for broadcasting advertisements. It is because they don’t have limits on numbers of subscribers, and they feature “silent messages.” Furthermore, you can attract more subscribers. It is because posts in public channels are available even to those that aren’t using the Telegram.


For this reason, many were using this method during the ICO hype but did it wrong. As we all know, it is harder or almost impossible, to build relations with a cold mail.

Selling via Groups

On the other hand, groups are fertile ground for building profound relations between members. Seemingly, this is a different approach to sales as it includes nourishing the customers. 

Furthermore, some advanced sales techniques are applicable. Of course, you can use body language only if you are shooting videos.

Different from channels, Telegram groups enable real-time feedback from the future customer. In light of their comments, you can adjust, offer a discount, or upgrade your product.

Combined Method

This method combines groups and channels. When you create a post depicting the main advantages, post it in the channel first. The second step is reposting to the group where people can discuss the aspects of the product.

Both groups and channels are an excellent promotional tool for crypto projects. Consider them equals, as channels are improved newsletters while groups are similar to social media. And you need both. 

How To Develop Crypto Communities Using Telegram Groups and Channels

Building a brand-new Telegram channel or a group is quite easy on a technical level. In a matter of minutes, you are good to go. If you find a niche or a common interest, the group will inevitably grow.

Following rules that apply for tech groups or Startups can be a guideline for crypto communities, too. However, building a crypto community is substantially different. It is because of FOMO, P&D, and FUD that change the game on the slight market move.

Seemingly, the catalyst for bringing the group “in the normal” is the presence of the founders and the authority of leading members. 

Therefore, building crypto groups needs a different approach to three types of members:


We calculated that the number of wallets is rising by 16-18% every six months since the beginning of 2018. So, we can conclude that this will be a trend in the future. As a result of both bad and the good news about blockchain, people get interested. For this reason, building a crypto community group means providing knowledge to newcomers. It is because of their significant numbers in any crypto group.


Those that are providing sound knowledge to “spectators” are group contributors. Serving for their interest if building a crypto project or merely supporting their claims, their intentions are good. Sometimes, these contributors are people that have vast experience. Because of this, you should treat them both as colleagues and investors. Investors in terms of both investing their time and money in exciting crypto products. 


The crypto community should be a venue of selfless exchange or mutual benefit. However, some use it for personal interests embodied in scams. In this case, the only action is to eliminate these members as they can deteriorate the trust in the group. 


As we know, Telegram had the second biggest ICO in history, a testimony of the support from the crypto community. 

Recently, the US exchange commission filed a lawsuit against Telegram ICO. However, the resulting postponing for months would not cause any harm to the original platform.

It is because many already built Telegram communities where members trust each other. As a blueprint of the future marketplace, Telegram groups are the fertile ground for sales. It is the place where the buyer meets the seller. In the case of community well-built it is a place where they trust each other.