How to Make Money in Decentraland

Decentraland is a user-owned metaverse launched in 2015. There, players can create 3D scenes, applications, art galleries, and casinos. And to guarantee safety, all ownership details are documented on the Ethereum blockchain.

What distinguishes Decentraland from other virtual worlds is its numerous investment opportunities. From buying and selling property to playing casino games, the metaverse’s economy will see you earning some handsome cash in no time.

What To Invest In?

There are two major categories of lucrative investments in Decentraland—Land and Estate.

MANA tokens serve as a means of exchange in Decentraland. You can get them in exchange for Bitcoins or Ethereum on powerful trading platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini. As of March 2021, the cost of one MANA was around $0.841.

A. Land

Land in Decentraland comes in parcels of 16m by 16m. The virtual world represents them in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), meaning they are unique and irreproducible. Once you have your LAND, here’s how you can develop it. 

  • Building Casinos For Players To Win Big

Paying with crypto is always safe and fast. All the best casinos know this, and Decentraland, through Decentral Games, is not an exception. It allows players to use the BTC or Ethereum they exchanged for MANA to build their casinos and offer exciting experiences.

Who Provides Casino Games in Decentraland?

Also running on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentral Games supplies the casinos and games in Decentraland. All you have to do is earn enough Decentral Games Tokens, and just like that, you become the house!


How To Earn Decentral Games tokens (DG)?

  1. Mining- Players can mine DG when playing the games using MANA. And to earn extra points, play in group tables and use the NFT wearables.
  2. Referrals- Because you are an affiliate, Decentraland allows you to get DG tokens by referring new gamers.
  3. Governance Offer- If you lock your MANA tokens in the Decentral Games governance contract, the company will give you regular DG bonuses.


What are the casino games you can play?

In the Decentraland casinos, you can play popular casino games using MANA instead of fiat currency. Some of the classics that you shouldn’t miss to include:

  1. Slots
  2. Poker
  3. Roulette
  4. Blackjack


b) What Else Can You Do With LAND?

Some of the most popular interactive systems to invest in within Decentraland also include:

  1. Art Galleries- These allow players to build and showcase their Non-Fungible Token Artwork. Such pieces usually include Cryptokitties and Cryptopunks, which you can buy and sell using MANA.
  2. Gaming Application- Decentraland provides a Software Development Kit for coders to create games and increase their land’s value. Among the popular games in the virtual world is Whac-a-mole.
  3. Clubs- Here, players pay MANA to access and enjoy DJs and concerts using their avatars in your music venue.


Players can purchase their LAND parcels at the in-game marketplace or in third-party exchanges such as OpenSea. One LAND parcel costs around 6,900 MANA, so approximately $5,800. And like in the real world, LAND located near frequently visited districts like Crypto Valley and Vegas City cost more than others.

B. Estates

Since Decentraland gives property ownership to the community, the LAND’s value depends on its location and how it’s developed. To capitalize on this, players buy LAND parcels adjacent to each other and merge them to form Estates. After all, the more parcels you have connected, the higher you can build, meaning more money.

Selling In Decentraland

The Decentraland in-built marketplace is the go-to center for selling any assets. These include LAND, as previously mentioned, estates, NFT wearables, avatars, and unique usernames. 

Here’s how players go about this process:

  1. Click on the ‘My Assets’ tab to load the page contents.
  2. Once the site opens, go to ‘Sell.’
  3. Select the price you’re selling an item and set the offer’s expiration date.
  4. Go to ‘List For Sale’ and re-type the price you’ve set to confirm.

The Massive Profits In Decentraland

As more gamers join Decentraland to play or invest in its properties, the virtual world’s value continues to increase. And with their innovative adoption of crypto for casino gaming and trading, we can only predict future expansions. So if you think that it’s too late to join the metaverse, understand that this is only the beginning.

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