How Menlo One Will Launch Initial Coin Offerings into the Mainstream

ICO’s are hard and the tools to do them are broken. Even with the ever increasing rise of ICO’s as a fundraising vehicle and heightened interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies, there are still many hurdles for buyers to overcome. The purchasing journey becomes particularly difficult when attempting to buy into new ICO’s: the UX/UI is challenging and time-consuming- and the fractured ecosystem is a paradise for hackers and phishers. In our “push-button easy” world the ICO market needs an secure and “push-button easy” solution to investing on the blockchain.

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Menlo One believes it’s only a matter of time before tokens become ubiquitous, and that the platform will signal the “mainstreamification” of the token economy – in fact, CEO Matthew Nolan thinks that “buying tokens will be so easy and so safe it will be as safe and easy as shopping on Amazon.”

Menlo One is built on a proprietary distributed database (the result of 3 years of research and development) that is stored on a decentralized network, that leverages the security guarantees of public blockchains including Ethereum and other distributed databases. The platform includes a streamlined, gamified & social element, which encourages and incentivizes users to use Menlo One’s MET tokens. One component of the multi-layered platform, called HashGuilds, incentivizes other more expert users to form guilds, to evaluate & signal high quality ICO’s for the benefit of all users on the platform.  

Menlo One also aims to assist users new and old by addressing the many hurdles facing users such as security, risk, regulatory compliance, and user experience. By putting all of these aspects together in one place, Menlo One can create network effects along the lines of  Facebook or Coinbase and become the household name and industry standard for all Token Sales.

By giving the user a seamless experience without any of the hassles associated with token sales today. Menlo One will require a one time setup to prepare your profile for the relevant KYC/AML requirements, and thereafter, participating in an ICO will be as easy as selecting the amount of tokens you want to buy, and making a single click. The system will also allow you to automate the buying of tokens from upcoming ICO’s, allowing users to set up a buy, and forget all about it until they get the notification letting them know that their purchase was successful.

Menlo One “Marketplace’ will also feature a comprehensive ICO search of all existing token sales, a “meet the founders” chat, asset management, internal messaging systems, pooling & syndicate investing, early access to pre-sales, discounts, user-controlled private keys and Smart hardware wallet integration. The platform will initially be Ethereum based, and will support all ERC-20 compliant tokens and token sales on any platform including EOS, Stellar, NEO & Ethereum.  

The platform is powered by TownHall, Menlo’s proprietary software, which is the platform’s communications infrastructure. It is an open-source framework, which allows developers to build innovative monetized or incentivized communications platforms and projects using the Menlo software. A developer could, for example, create a platform like Quora, or WikiLeaks that would reward users for sharing reliable information without fear of being shut down or censored.

With the power of the blockchain, Menlo One is bringing tools for a more just and democratized world.

The Menlo One team is currently preparing for its token sale, which will go live to the public on 16th of July 2018.

For more information about Menlo One and to get involved in the upcoming token sale, check out the Website, Whitepaper, Twitter or the team Telegram @menloone