Hotbit shuts down; traders are looking at Tradecurve

Exchanges for cryptocurrencies have grown to be essential parts of the ecosystem since they give traders a place to trade and acquire cryptocurrencies. However, despite the growing demand for these services, some exchanges have been forced to close their operations.

The most recent one is Hotbit, a Hong Kong-based centralized exchange with over 5 million users. And as this CEX collapsed, many users are now looking to find a new home, and Tradecurve (TCRV) could be a suitable alternative. This hybrid decentralized exchange could rival established players such as Binance – let’s find out how. 



  • Another centralized exchange (CEX) announces its closing 
  • Hotbit makes a dire prediction about the future of cryptocurrencies
  • Users now look at Tradecurve (TCRV) as a safe haven

Hotbit announces it will close operations

Recently, Hotbit announced that it will shut down operations on May 22, at 4:00 AM UTC. As per its statement, Hotbit has ended due to poor operational conditions, changes in the cryptocurrency market, and risk management issues.

The industry has steadily moved in one of two directions due to the repeated failure of significant centralized institutions: either it has embraced regulation or has grown more decentralized. And Hotbit chose to accept neither while stating that centralized exchanges are growing more complicated with many regulation pressures that are difficult to comply with.

The exchange also made a pretty gloomy prognosis regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, stating that they might not have a bright future in light of recent pressures. As an added note, users of Hotbit were urged to remove their funds by June 21, 2023.

Tradecurve (TCRV) could become a top-tier exchange platform

Tradecurve (TCRV) is a revolutionary platform set to evolve into a top three global exchange, outperforming the likes of OKX and Huobi. From no sign-up KYC checks to multiple asset classes on a single account, Tradecurve will eliminate all the issues plaguing the online trading sector.

On this decentralized trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, users may simply create an account using their email only, link a crypto wallet to it, and make a deposit. Afterward, all derivatives will become available to trade using cryptocurrency as collateral.

No sign-up KYC checks will also bring an utterly anonymous trading environment, something that traditional trading platforms fail to deliver.

Tradecurve will also include unique features, including copy trading, which enables users to imitate the activities of expert traders in exchange for a subscription fee, negative balance protection, automated trading, and a high 500:1 leverage ratio.

Because Tradecurve is decentralized, the trader will control every asset and private keys, and there are no concerns with different country-based rules, unlike with Coinbase and other tier-1 CEXes, who had to build separate platforms for users in the US.

At the core of this platform will lie the TCRV utility token, which will be used as a medium of exchange and provide holders with various benefits such as discounts on trading fees, passive income via staking, and governance.

Currently, the utility token is in Stage 2 of its presale and costs just $0.012. If we compare it to one of its rivals, the Binance ICO, for example, which began in 2017 for $0.11 but now trades at $313 – the growth potential of Tradecurve will be outstanding.

With projected gains of up to 50x as the presale gains more notoriety and a 100x increase by the time it gets listed on Uniswap or other significant CEXs after its launch, investors have been stockpiling these tokens as millions of them have already sold out.

With goals of obtaining $20M during its presale, Tradecurve could become one of the top three global exchanges when it launches, so become an early investor now and be ahead of the curve.

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