Holo Price Surge Continues as New-all Time High can be Reached Soon

Holo holders will be quite pleased with the way things have worked out all week long. Following some major gains in the past few days, it seems the currency is still pushing ahead in spectacular fashion. Another strong 20% gain has been noted overnight, and the trading volume continues to improve. So far, the Holo price trend has allowed many traders to make a lot of good money.

Holo Price Run Continues Without Pause

Yesterday was a turning point for Holo in the price department. After going through a very healthy rally over the past few days, it seemed as if the market would be reset completely. A quick drop occurred, yet the market has rebounded very strongly ever since. This is part of the reason why its price trend has not been officially broken as of right now. It also appears this currency is quickly becoming one of the more favorable solutions for speculators.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been another 20.9% Holo price increase. As such, the value per HOT now sits at $0.001236, a strong improvement compared to a few days ago. There is also a 19% gain in both BTC and ETH value, which is all the more impressive to keep an eye on. The big question is whether or not Holo can cling on to the 34 Satoshi level or will face another drop to the 27-28 range in the near future.

On social media, there is no shortage of HOT-related discussions. Stuart is convinced Holo and its underlying Holochain technology is the future of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency activity. That is quite a bold claim to live up to,  but it seems there is a lot of future potential moving forward. A jump to $0.01 would be quite difficult to achieve, although nothing is impossible by any means.

In fact, it would appear Stuart is not the only one who has high hopes for Holochain whatsoever. MartinBoss is convinced Holochain is the future, regardless of how the rest of the world wants to look at it. This technology is designed to come to market in the coming weeks, yet meeting the expectations may prove to be a very steep challenge. Moving beyond traditional blockchains and into something that can benefit the entire industry would certainly be interesting to behold.

Every good cryptocurrency needs a meme to keep people excited first and foremost. When it comes to Holo, memes are not necessarily what one would expect to see. That situation is slowly changing with the help of Ilario Liburni. His recent Holo meme is quite interesting to keep an eye on, albeit the expectation of hitting 50 Satoshi might be even more interesting to keep an eye on moving forward.

All of the current market conditions would indicate there is plenty of upward momentum for Holo on the charts right now. After all, these current gains are not being wiped out as quickly as some people would have expected. Reaching a new all-time high will not happen anytime soon, although the progress being made to date is impressive. Another 50% gain would put HOT close to its new all-time high. A very interesting weekend lies ahead for this altcoin.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.