Hoard Lets Anyone Convert Spare Cash Into a Growing Cryptocurrency Portfolio

A lot of people are looking for easy and convenient ways to obtain small amounts of cryptocurrency. Up to this point, that process has been far more complicated than it needs to be. Hoard is a mobile solution aiming to help users convert their spare change into cryptocurrency. It is all about investing in a smart way, either on a micro or a macro level.

Hoard Makes Cryptocurrency Investing Convenient

The average person on the street will always struggle with the concept of investing in Bitcoin or altcoins. Obtaining said currencies, either in large or small amounts, is a far more challenging venture than it should be at this point in time. More specifically, users have to choose between exchanges, brokers, or ATMs – assuming one of the latter is even available in one’s region. None of these methods are considered convenient by any means, which is a significant hurdle preventing future cryptocurrency adoption.

Hoard aims to change all that, even though its course of action is not necessarily something everyone will appreciate. More specifically, the project enables what it terms “cryptocurrency investing autopilot.” Users can buy digital currency every time they buy something in real life by rounding up the amount and converting the “change’ to cryptocurrency directly. It is a pretty intriguing concept on its own, especially considering this will allow so many people to collect fractions of cryptocurrencies without doing anything special.

Moreover, all users will be able to determine which coins or “coin baskets” they want to invest in. Their selections can be changed at a later date as well, which is rather intriguing. With these cryptocurrencies in their pocket, users of Hoard can effectively reach their financial goals and growth their wealth without much in the way of interaction on their part. It is a no-brainer solution, to say the least, and one that will certainly be appealing to the right individuals.

As one has come to expect, the Hoard concept is powered by both centralized and decentralized exchange solutions. More specifically, users can invest fiat using centralized exchanges and decentralized platforms for crypto-only asynchronous trading. The Hoard CDEX feature will certainly be appreciated by a lot of users, even though most people will probably opt for the fiat-only option first and foremost.

Additionally, the app will provide a secure multi-signature wallet solution for all Hoard users as well. This will allow users to not just store their newfound wealth, but also to swap coins across blockchains. There is also an option for peer-to-peer payments, which is exactly what cryptocurrencies are all about in the first place. Plus, users will be able to display contacts from various social channels and different devices to make for a more convenient service overall.

Whether or not the general public will see the merit of Hoard as a potential wealth-aggregating service remains to be seen, though. An app known as Acorns does much the same thing with ETFs, and it is no secret most consumers don’t really care about cryptocurrencies in the first place. Changing that will not be easy by any means, especially because the price of individual cryptocurrencies remains rather volatile. It is an interesting project to keep an eye on, though.