Here Are Four Interesting Projects Valued at Under $1 Million

Very frequently, coins explode from seemingly nowhere to the front page on These coins appreciate hundreds or thousands of times to grow from obscurity to the center of attention for many confused investors. While most micro coins valued at US$1 million or less have no substance, there are a number of projects that do have interesting applications and legitimate potential.


Currently trading for 61 sats (US$0.00912), AMMO has a market cap of US$711,331. Ammo Reloaded is a reboot of a failed project, Ammo Rewards. Relaunched in December, AMMO is a gaming coin developed by a team of five community members. According to its road map, AMMO will be integrated into an online game next month. Developers have already integrated Twitter and tipping bot features into the community Discord.

With the recent explosions of EnjinCoin, ExperiencePoints, and UnikornGold, speculators appear very bullish on the future of gaming currencies as a whole. If Ammo Reloaded’s community can follow through with plans to kickstart the integration of AMMO into online games and gambling sites, the coin could see a similar explosion. AMMO can be bought and sold on


SixEleven is a micro-cap coin offering anonymous domain registration and cloud storage capabilities. At a price of US$0.90, 611 holds a market cap of only US$392,370. The coin was launched in November of 2015 and is still being actively developed. 611 was created as a fork of the Namecoin protocol. Currently, 611 is primarily traded on Cryptopia.

611 holders can register objects to the Domain Name System under the .611.ts host address. Users can also utilize the system to register and store data in an anonymous cloud storage environment. Furthermore, developers are working to implement Tor and VPN services to users of 611. In its current state, supporters may argue that 611 provides more privacy functions than Verge, which is currently valued at over US$2.5 billion.


Wyvern sits just outside of the top 1,000 on CoinMarketCap at a price of just under 3,000 sats (US$0.46) and a market cap of US$860,624. Wyvern provides an interesting service as an autonomously governed decentralized digital item exchange. Once the marketplace is launched, buyers and sellers will be able to trade virtual assets, online accounts, and smart contracts, among other items, automatically and in a trustless manner.

Wyvern was transferred onto the ETH network as an ERC20 token earlier this week. As such, Coinexchange, where the coin is traded, has temporarily halted WYV trading. However, it should resume very shortly. Development is very active on Github, and if the marketplace launches, the coin is bound to achieve a valuation astronomically higher than where it currently stands.


Launched in May of 2014, Hyper is ancient by cryptocurrency standards. Hyper is traded on Yobit and Coinexchange, and currently trades for just under 600 sats (US$0.0869). With a supply of 9,525,930, Hyper’s market cap is US$827,803. Like AMMO, Hyper is a gaming coin. While the coin was relatively inactive for a significant amount of time, the project was revived by the community in August 2017, with a coin swap to a new chain and a focus on community-driven projects.

Hyper powers the browser MMO known as Valerian Universe. It can also be earned as rewards on Team Fortress 2 and 7 Days to Die servers, which pay out top players every month. Now is a great time to purchase Hyper, because coins that weren’t claimed during the swap period will be swapped and distributed proportionately to current Hyper addresses that hold at least 100 Hyper on February 4. Information on how to prepare for the swap can be found on this Bitcointalk thread.