Hardware Manufacturer Alcheminer Slashes Scrypt Miner Prices

Mining digital currencies is one of the least profitable avenues of making money for months now, which can be partially blamed on the declining Bitcoin price. Cloud mining operators need a BTC price of at least US$320 in order to be profitable, and mining at home becomes increasingly difficult due to high electricity prices. Plus, the upfront investment required to buy mining hardware is making a lot of people second-guess their ùoning plans. Alcheminer, a manufacturer of Scrypt mining hardware, has recently slashed their prices in order to attract more customers.

When it comes to mining Scrypt-based alternate currencies, the choices for finding a somewhat profitable coin are fairly limited. However, when a mining hardware manufacturer such as Alcheminer decides to lower prices significantly, it can spur a fresh round of interest from people looking to upgrade current hardware, or venture into the world of digital currency mining for the first time.

As always with this kind of deals, they are only available for a limited time. But the best part is that both miners that are on sale right now are in stock and ready to be shipped to your doorstep. Considering these Alchemist machines only consume 8W per MH/s,, they are some of the lowest power mining devices on the market today.

Deal 1 : Alchemist 96MH/s – US$1,199 instead of US$2,500 -excluding S&H, Import VAT

900W at the wall – the weight of 13.6 kg –  PSU not included

Deal 2: Alchemist 256MH/s – US$3,099 instead of US$6,500 – excluding S&H, Import VAT

2,200W at the wall – the weight of 21.5 kg – PSU not included

Considering the Alcheminer company is located in Taipei, Taiwan; customers better prepare for paying a hefty chunk of import VAT when ordering one of these devices. These fees will depend on your location and weight of the package, so take these into consideration before making a purchase on the Alcheminer website.

Unlike most traditional mining manufacturing companies, Alcheminer does not accept Bitcoin payments for any of their orders. Instead, customers have to pay for an[international] bank transfer, which may be subject to additional fees. It is also important to notice that full payment is required before your Scrypt miner is shipped to your address.

It remains to be seen whether the price reduction brings new or returning customers to Alcheminer, as the Scrypt mining landscape remains in an unprofitable state right now. On top of that, the options for mining Scrypt coins is fairly limited, which is another factor to take into consideration.

Will you purchase any of the miners on sale from Alcheminer? Let us know in the comments below!

Website : https://www.alcheminer.com/scrypt-miner/