Hamster Marketplace Pre-ICO Now Live The Blockchain Based Retail Platform for Inventors, Gadgets and Electronics

Decentralized retailer Hamster Marketplace has launched their pre-ICO token sale, after receiving 600,000 USD in private investment. Investors in the pre-ICO will receive HMT tokens. These ERC20 tokens are the power behind the platform, connecting inventors, innovators and gadget producers with technology.

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Hamster Marketplace is a unique, decentralized, non-profit trading platform which enables emerging producers and startups an opportunity to sell their inventions to a focused market without the need for the already unnecessary third party.

The distribution of HTM tokens will allow Hamster Marketplace to attract a wide range of vendors and buyers to help fulfill the decentralized trading platform vision of the future.

The Hamster Marketplace platform helps innovative vendors who do not have the ability to sell their product, through current platform’s. This enables the vendors to be able to  reach out to millions of buyers instantaneously, while also giving producers the freedom to take control of the platform using the Emercoin open blockchain voting system. Using blockchain technology allows the platform to be completely transparent, ensuring no corruption from any party.

For buyers and technology fans

  • ·    A unique set of gadgets and electronics
  • ·    Inventions, DIY, and products for any needs
  • ·    Selective offers without fakes and at the manufacturer’s price

For producers

  • ·    Large audience with a demand for niche electronics
  • ·    Minimum costs for positioning and promotion
  • ·    The ability to take their sales and production to a new level

The Hamster Marketplace Pre-ICO sale.

Funds raised in this pre-ICO sale will allow Hamster Marketplace to follow their road made effectively, releasing the Alpha version in mid-2018 and the Beta version by the end of 2018. The company has set a soft cap of 2 million USD as the minimum level of funding to reach to continue development. In total 14,000,000 HMT will be created with 1,200,000 of these tokens up for sale in the pre-ICO sale at a 20% discount of $1:40 per token. HMT will not be mineable.