Hada Dbank Announces New Partner Vostad

Hada Dbank has announced a new partnership with Vostad in the middle of their TGE, which began May 1st and will run until the end of this month.

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TGE Details

The goal is to sell 50 million tokens, which can be acquired exclusively through the exchange F1Cryptos.

Hada Dbank had a promotion for the first 1,000,000 HADA being sold at a rate of 1ETH/3000 HADA. After the first million, the rest of the tokens will be sold at a rate of 1/1500, with a minimum contribution of .15 ETH per transaction. Hada Dbank has a soft cap at 5000 ETH and a hard cap at 3,000 ETH.

Partnership details

The partnership entails Zahid Rashid Mir, founder, and director of Vostad, to join Hada Dbank’s advisory board, where he will focus on events and investor relations.

Zahid Rashid Mir, Founder & Director, Vostad commented;

“We at Vostad believes the potential of Hada DBank and its dynamic business module. The team behind the development of the project are very ambitious with high determination to push forward the project globally and we intent to support this. Vostad and Hada DBank will work hand in hand to ensure quality innovative products and services be made available to public.”

Zahid currently oversees investor services and the construction of new partnerships globally for Vostad, which combined with his decade of international management experience, makes him a formidable asset to have. He has helped facilitate $500,000,000 in business deals, which could certainly be of valuable use to Hada Dbank as they scale.  

Vostad and Hada Dbank to bring blockchain mainstream

The partnership’s main focus is to bring the dynamicity of blockchain to the forefront of the mainstream, appealing to both IT-oriented individuals and the general public alike. Their efforts specifically target the regions of Middle East, Americas, and Africa.

Hisyam Mokhtar, Interim CEO & Chairman, Hada DBank explained;

“We are delighted to have both Mr. Zahid Mir and Vostad joining our expanding team of advisors and partners. Having them both joining our experienced and prominent advisors and partners will expedite the process to introduce HADA DBank and our products to the mainstream market especially in the Middle East where they have extensive experience in dealing and insight of the market, as well as convincing future investors to participate in our project. We look forward to their guidance along with our existing advisors and partners to bring HADA DBank to a greater height.”

With Vostad being based out of Bangalore, their expertise in the Middle East will be of great use. Vostad’s insight and extensive experience in the market will help convince future investors to join the project, as well as bring the banking services to the masses, which was always the goal for Hada Dbank.

To learn more about Hada DBank, visit their website and read their whitepaper. Users that want to participate in the community can chat with members on Telegram, as well as following Hada Dbank on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Blog posts are made through Medium, and users can also check out DE Asset Management Limited website as well.