HackProof Systems, Inc. Hid A $5,000 Prize inside their New Hack-Proof Server and Challenge Hackers World Wide

From today until Midnight on September 30th, HackProof Systems Inc., is offering a $5,000 reward to the first person that can hack one of their servers at Within this server is a Golden Token.

HackProof has set no rules or regulations for the contest. They also haven’t disclosed any information regarding what exactly their technology does.

The Token also contains a set of instructions which much be followed exactly as they’re written in order to win the prize money. The website has no official rules posted, no company overviews; only a statement saying that the same technology will become available in early 2017. The company has also stated publicly that they don’t think they’ll ever have to pay the reward, because no one is going to be able to hack the server.

“HackProof Systems is confident no one will be able to hack into the server protected by our new security technology,” Founder of HackProof, Gordon Craig said in a press release.

“The company decided to issue a public challenge to hackers worldwide, to prove to us and the world that our security solution lives up to the company name. HackProof Systems technology prevents anyone from hacking into a client/server information system, making it a perfect solution for commercial and government installations,” he added.

The general consensus is that they won’t have to pay out because no one is taking the contest seriously. Hundreds, if not thousands of companies have claimed their software renders hackers helpless and is attack proof, but are soon proven wrong. People in the security field refer to claims like these as snake oil, because they are usually too good to be true. A veteran in the IT industry will gladly tell you that it’s only a matter of time before everything becomes hackable. Hackers will find the weakness in any program, because they all have at least one; and exploit it until it runs dry.

On the other hand, someone could very well take the company up on the offer, and discover a flaw in HackProof’s system. But what happens if they don’t turn the bounty in and hang onto what they have learned for bigger, better prizes down the road? What kind of price tag do you think a “hack proof” flaw in a government system has? I’m guessing millions.

“The lack of detail regarding the technology they are using to protect the server, with the unsaid ‘anything goes’ rules suggests to me that the game is rigged in favor of HackProof. It’s like the state fair. You think the workers would coax you so heavily if the game were in favor of the player?” a post reads.

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