Hackers Try To Scam Bitcoin Users Through Dropbox Links

There seems to be a new Bitcoin wallet scam going around, which tricks users into thinking they have accidentally received somebody’s wallet. However, the files are hosted on Dropbox, and are most likely intended to steal one’s funds.

The Dropbox Bitcoin Backup Scam

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Wallet Scam Dropbox

Earlier today, several people have gotten an email containing a link to Dropbox, which allegedly hold some sort of Bitcoin information. The accompanying message will vary, though, but the modus operandi seems to be the exact same. Needless to say, no one should open these files or even give the email a second glance.

For the time being, it remains unclear as to how these spammers obtained this particular mailing list, as they are deliberately targeting Bitcoin users. It is possible someone obtained a mailing list from the now defunct Mt. Gox exchange, although given how public most people’s email addresses are, they may just come from anywhere.

It would be rather dumb for a Bitcoin user to send a backup of their wallet files to someone else, especially after going through the trouble of uploading the file to Dropbox. Moreover, why would anyone send this link to a random stranger in the hopes of then not emptying the wallet completely?

Additionally, it appears as if the malicious folder on Dropbox contains at least one executable Javascript file, which could hint at an attempt of infecting users with Bitcoin ransomware as well. It is not the first, nor the last time internet criminals try to defraud Bitcoin users through some form of email campaign.

Regardless of who is behind these attacks, Bitcoin users need to steer away from these emails as far as possible. Somebody is clearly trying to clean out other users’ Bitcoin wallets through a very common email scamming tactic. Users who fall for this blatant scam attempt will lose their funds somewhere down the line, and ignoring these emails is the best course of action.

Source: Reddit

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