Hacker Collective Anonymous Plans Large-scale Attack Against Israel

Everyone in the world is all too familiar with Anonymous, the notorious hacking collective. In a recent statement, the group explained how they plan to launch a full-scale attack against the State of Israel. To be more precise, all Israeli government websites will suffer from major DDoS attacks starting on April 7th. An intriguing strategy, that much is certain.

The State of Israel Angered Anonymous

Over the past few years, several hacking efforts have been conducted by the Anonymous collective. It appears the group has set its sights on the State of Israel all of a sudden, as a lot of government websites are expected to face DDoS attacks and outages in the coming weeks. This operation goes by the name of Opisrahell, as can be seen  in the video linked below this article.

Although some people may be wondering why Anonymous is targeting Israel specifically, the reason for this attack is not hard to find. I the video, the “spokesperson” mentioned how Israel has been oppressing the public, and the Palestinians specifically. This prolonged oppressive activity has forced the hand of Anonymous, as they want to make it clear such behavior is not without consequences.

The full-scale attack – or OpIsrahell – will commence on April 7 of 2017. It is unclear as to how long this wave of attacks will last, and whether or not other targets will fall victim to Anonymous’ tactics. All government websites are expected to get hacked on April 7th, which will be quite the challenge. Then again, no one is sure how many people are part of the Anonymous collective, or how many hackers will join forces to make OpIsrahell a success

It is worth noting this particular operation is not intended to be a threat against Israel itself. Instead, Anonymous wants to expose the country’s cyber system and bring it down. In doing so, the hacking collective aims to isolate Israel from the rest of the online world. If the group is successful in their attempt, it will be interesting to see how Israel plans to respond to these attacks. After all, such a large-scaling hacking operation cannot go by unpunished.

One thing to take into account is how this message may very well be a hoax. Several hackers and attention seekers have tried to spread videos as if they originate from an Anonymous source in the past. So far, the hacking group itself has issued no further remarks on this video, nor has the clip surfaced on any of its social channels. Then again, the operation will only commence on April 7th, so we will have to wait until then to see if these threats are legitimate.

Regardless of who is behind the threat, Israeli officials cannot ignore this clear intent to do harm. Anonymous has built up quite the reputation over the years due to their successful attacks against social injustice. In fact, we covered some of the group’s most successful attacks in this article. Any threat related to Anonymous, legitimate or not, deserves everyone’s full attention, that much is evident.

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