The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

When employees have a boss that is caring, honest, supportive, and respectful, it can work all kinds of wonders on employees morale and productivity. 94% of employees with great bosses feel more passionate about their job – that’s nearly 2 times as many of those who have been working for a bad boss. Bad leadership also drives away employees.


Although the majority of employees say that their managers are good to great, but nearly 2 out of every 3 have left a job, or are planning to leave a job because of their boss – compared to a tiny 18% of those with good managers. Having a good boss is so important to most people, they would rather choose a great boss over a raise in their pay.


But management should be a foundational skill, a step stool, to becoming an effective leader, but leadership requires its own faith. Being a leader compared to a manager can have many upsides that affect you and your workers. A good way to lead others effectively is to have a clear purpose as having a vision for the future is the first step to leading others effectively. Enthusiasm helps sell your vision and motivate others to buy in. Being self accountable and setting an example of excellence can help you be a better leader. Staying committed to your goals but also knowing when to change your approach can help you stay focused and productive. Looking more long term in your goals can help build momentum and increase buy in from your team. It’s also important to acknowledge the bigger picture, but the details on the way should not be overlooked, and are sometimes even more important. 


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