Habiss Plongee Offers Scuba Diving in Exchange For Bitcoin

It has become rather difficult to find any business model that does not accept Bitcoin in some way, shape or form. In fact, Bitcoin can be used for just about anything if people bother to keep looking long enough. For those among us who have plans to go scuba diving in Guadeloupe someday, Bitcoin payments can be made to Habiss Plongee from this point forward.

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Scuba Diving For Bitcoin

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One thing a lot of tourists do these days is explore something entirely different from what they used to do at home. This is part of the reason remote and tropical locations are such popular destinations, as they give tourists a chance to experience a plethora of new things.

For anyone visiting these luch locations, scuba diving should be on the to-do list. Depending on where one goes on vacation, this can be quite cheap or expensive, and spending a lot of fiat currency on such a fun afternoon might not be an ideal option.

Luckily for all parties involved, there are companies who keep an eye on the evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem and decide to accept digital currency payments at some stage. Habiss Plongee in Guadeloupe can now be added to this list,  which is a welcome addition regarding real life use cases for Bitcoin.

Among the services one can pay for with Bitcoin are scuba diving classes, accommodation in the area – with or without pool access – and other land activities. There is even a “Habiss Discovery Pack”, including champagne and gliding, as well as the necessary training to conquer aquaphobia.

While this may appear to be a very niche product and service that can be paid for with Bitcoin, it is another notch in the belt for the popular digital currency. Scuba diving in Guadeloupe might not be at the top of the priority list for everyone in the Bitcoin world, but it sure adds an interesting use case.

Website: Habiss Plongee

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