GreenX – The Solution for Renewable Energy Project Funding

During the last couple of years, the green energy trend has continued to emerge, as the world has come to realize that green energy represents one of the only sustainable methods for protecting the environment.  

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Despite this aspect, renewable energy project managers often face difficulties when it comes down to raising funds. This is mostly due to the fact that green projects tend to require large capital investments, prior to giving their pay-out.

GreenX represents a blockchain-based ecosystem, which serves the purpose of enabling both individuals and institutional investors, to learn more about green energy, while also investing in numerous low-risk projects throughout the world. To put things better into perspective, GreenX will launch both the GreenX Capital Market and the GreenX Global Exchange. The capital market will act as a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, whereas the latter will act as an international energy investment marketplace.

The project aims to reduce risk to a minimum, therefore all listings on the capital market will be approved following an extensive due diligence process carried out by an independent party, and a risk analysis handled by an artificial intelligence system.

Some of the main advantages for developers include being able to easily access global fund pools, normal legal procedures, all investments paid up front with immediate deployment, great security protecting sensitive information, and a streamlined due diligence project for all listings. On the other hand, both small and institutional investors can take advantage of benefits such as: having their rights protected by smart contracts, GreenX handles all legal requirements, constant access to the due diligence reports and AI analysis results, access on the global exchange for liquidity purposes, alongside with cryptocurrency-based investments.

GreenX has chosen blockchain technology, as it allows running tokenized projects thoroughly enforced by smart contract deployment, global access for the platform, transparency, decentralization, privacy and more.

The platform will work via the GREENX tokens (GFX), which will be given out as part of the team’s Initial Coin Offering. The early bird sale is bound to take place on the 15th of May, followed shortly by the ICO phase I on June 15th, phase II on July 1st and phase III on July 15th.

For more information on GreenX, and their solution of encouraging renewable energy project development and funding, feel free to check out the website, white paper and promotional video.