Google Uses AI to Help People Find Their Next Job

A lot of people are concerned about how artificial intelligence and robots may eventually take over their jobs. In some cases, these concerns are more than justified. Google, on the other hand is launching a new job search engine powered by AI. This goes to show looking for a job can become easier by embracing the technologies which may eventually replace us.

Google’s AI-Driven Jobs Search Engine Goes Live

It is quite interesting to see how Google is slowly transforming our society by using artificial intelligence solutions. In this particular case, they use AI to help people find jobs in a more convenient way. That is rather remarkable, considering it is not something people would expect right away. A lot of people will be glad to hear it is now becoming a lot easier to find their next job, especially with robots bound to take over sooner or later.

Now that the new job search engine has gone live, it will be interesting to see what type of results users can expect. We know Google has access to information from all major platforms, including CareerBuilder, Facebook, Monster, and LinkedIn. Consumers no longer have to scour all of these platforms individually to find jobs, but they can just use Google’s new search feature to get the right results.

The new search feature is available on both desktop and mobile devices and only works in English for the time being. It is possible additional languages will be supported in the future, although that has not been officially confirmed just yet. It is good to see this new feature being made accessible within existing Google apps, though, such as Gmail. Conducting a search is as simple as entering “jobs near me,” and the results will pop up automatically.

Under the hood, this solution will make use of artificial intelligence to return the proper results. It is quite interesting to see Google use this particular technology, even though it makes a lot of sense to do so at this time. By using AI, the results should be better in quality and quantity, while still allow for user customization. More specifically, it is possible to only search for full-time positions or particular types of jobs in a specific sector.

Rest assured developing this solution was not an easy feat for Google. The company had to go through a lot of duplicate listings employees tend to post. By using the machine learning algorithm to populate search results, all results will be properly categorized. Thankfully, most of the job listing platforms offer some degree of customizing search results already, which makes the job a bit easier.

Once users find a job they are interested in, they will be redirected to the proper platform so they can fill in an application. Jobs appearing on multiple sites will see users being redirected to the one with a complete description. A lot of job sites leave out half of the information related to a job posting, which is frustrating for all parties involved. Ultimately, Google hopes to incentivize other sites to share all of the relevant job position data, rather than withholding important details.

It is quite interesting to see what artificial intelligence is capable of in the job sector. This technology may ultimately take away some of the low-level jobs from humans, but it will also help these people find a new job more quickly. It is evident we must embrace disruptive technologies regardless of the risk they may pose to our own future. AI Is an invaluable tool, to say the least. It will be interesting to see how many people land a new job due to this new search feature.

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